What influences a Prophet?

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, it is revealed that the Prophet is actually Arthur Leander’s son Tyler. As Tyler now known as the prophet, one is to wonder, what led him to be the prophet, what could’ve been the influence that make him into the prophet. Could’ve it have been his mother Elizabeth, she was kind of crazy or delusion after Georgia Flu. Or was it the influences from his life experiences during first few years of after Georgia Flu combine the comic book Dr. Eleven and The New testament he read as child. Regardless Tyler is the Prophet, and everything that we know about the Prophet is him.

So, Elizabeth is insane, right? Before Elizabeth left Severn City Airport, she said “We just want to live a more spiritual life,” (Mandel, 261) while leaving with a group of religious wanders saying “A new world requires new gods,” (Mandel, 261) already that doesn’t sound right. And now she wants to follow them, she must be insane or will be insane because these people chant in a language no one knows around a bonfire, that is creepy. If normal sanity person see that they avoid it, and everyone in that airport ignore them during time they’ve stay with them. Even Dolores said after they left the airport “That kind of insanity’s contagious,” (Mandel, 261) I guess Elizabeth caught that insanity and that sum up everything in one line to what happened to Elizabeth. Thus, she was raising Tyler while they’re being expose to this insanity, it no wonder he became the Prophet of a doomsday cult from his mother’s bad influences.

Maybe what really influenced or made Tyler to become the Prophet was his life after the Georgia Flu, the comic with the book that he held onto all his life after the Georgia Flu. It is strange thing that Tyler the Prophet held onto The New Testament that his mother owned and the Dr. Eleven vol. 1, no. 1: Station Eleven that his father sent to him as child. During the confrontation between Tyler the Prophet and Kirsten, he responded “But it’s too late for that,” (Mandel, 302) to Kristen quoting from Dr. Eleven “We long only to go home, we dream of sunlight, we dream of walking on the Earth.” (Mandel, 302) his response to these quotes describes Tyler has given up on the old world before Georgia Flu. Maybe he sees that this world has abandon them already, and he see that this world is punishing them as they bear witness to the people around them will slowly die off. Since they mentioned that life spam for human was shorten dramatically compared to before Georgia Flu. From ideals that his mother told him that “Everything happens for a reason” (Mandel, 261) he came to this conclusion based on his mother reasoning and his experiences during first few years of Georgia Flu, which became something that influenced him to be the Prophet.

The quote on the fold up page of Dr. Eleven comic he held onto “You were his second-in-command, Dr. Eleven. In his absence, you must lead” (Mandel, 304) this powerful line that could been huge part of influencing Tyler. Tyler must had view himself as Dr. Eleven having to take up the mantle as the Prophet to lead the people with same ideas as those religious wanders. I think Tyler was still sane, while his mother became insane for the time they had left the Severn airport. He must have thought I must lead humanity to salvation, and he decided like the quote “You were his second-in-command, Dr. Eleven. In his absence, you must lead” in his mind he must have thought I must be like Dr. Eleven, he must lead his group to spread these religious ideals, so he taken up the mantle as the Prophet. He held onto his mother ideals from New Testament and his father’s Dr. Eleven comic as a reminder. Thus, Tyler became the Prophet we know now.

It was not strange that the prophet was carrying a copy of The New Testament, but it was strange that it doesn’t match up to those religious wanders’ ideals “A new world requires new gods,” that doesn’t make sense if that case, would you not want a new newer testament for these new gods? The New Testament or Book of Revelation doesn’t fit into that quote from those religious wanders because the book came from the world before the Georgia Flu. Not only that but he had inside The New Testament was a page from the comic Dr. Eleven. I think Tyler the Prophet remember everything from time before and after the Georgia Flu, his mother and father, even all harsh experience he had go through during early years of after the Georgia Flu, which why he held his memories from his mother and father very close to him as he traveled as the Prophet. I think Tyler was leading his cult as the Prophet to keep his group of people alive through the world that became hell in his eyes. In Book of Revelation, there was always a struggle between good and evil, which portraits onto Tyler killing people as the Prophet and protecting his believers. These aspects influenced Tyler to be the Prophet.

I want leave this idea worth questioning “Maybe Tyler thought himself as new god that those religious wanders were going on about, and he as new god protected only his believers from his cult” or “Maybe Tyler the Prophet was like False Prophet in Book of Revelations and mark he place on people is referenced to the mark of the beast?”

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  1. Jill Belli

    This is a thoughtful, insightful analysis of the influences on Tyler and his transition into being the “prophet.” I’ve chosen it as this week’s featured post. Great job Samuel!


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