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  1. Kina Post author

    Emily St. John Manel’s book  Station Eleven

    I believe that life is valued more after the Georgia flu hit. Because before the Georgia Flu hit, before Arthur died of a heart attack, during some of the flash backs that occur within the book, we see how Arthur cheated on his wife(91). How Laura was so selfish that she left Jeevan while he was helping Arthur(11). On page (8) we see how paparazzi were looking for a story to report and pictures to take so they can sell their information to the tabloids. It seemed like everyone was out for their individual happiness despite whom it may have hurt in the process.

    However, After the Georgia Flu it seems that people became more important. Memories of love one is valued more as we can see with it comes to Kirsten and how she holds dear to the memories of Arthur.  I know that after the Georgia Flu, survival is the main priority, but on the Traveling Symphony’ s lead caravan it says “Because survival is insufficient”(58), which means to me hope. I feel that because of the Georgia Flu, the people in the book  have no choice but to talk to one another to survive. That memories of their dead ones are more meaningful than just being the circle of life. One would have to look up at the sky to try to guess the weather. They will see the stars. They seem notice the trees more. They respect the dead as we see when August goes into a child’s bedroom to say prayers and talk to the deceased child(150). I believe before the Georgia Flu he would have no reason to even want to talk to a dead body.

    I know that even in this world they are dangers such as people killing people, but now there is a chance to be explorers again. To actually catch fish with just skill and makeshift weapons, to actually hear crickets and feel the earth. To be one with the earth again. should I dare say it? I kind of envy those people in the story to a point. I would love to see what life would be like without technology. This book gives me a chance to see a  world that has the opportunity to actually start over from scratch.



    1. Samuel

      I disagree on that “life is valued more after the Georgia flu hit” because in the book we had groups of people raiding other towns and injuring other people for reason we’re not given. The current state of the world in Station Eleven after Georgia Flu epidemic, we see people are valuing another person life more than before it. But if one person looks more closely they valuing the lives of their people in their community because currently I see those town or village depend on the size is like community only look out for their best interests.

      Example if “A town close to us just got raided by bandits” if people from another town heard that, they would think “we should send aid to that town that raided” if they were value life of another person. But the normal person would do this “we should tighten up our town security and increase the defense against these bandits” this will be general course of action. Thus “life is valued more after the Georgia flu hit” is half true because we’re more protect of the things in front of us, but not to the things far away from us if don’t know them.

      What I’m saying it long term, we’re more divided than ever because Georgia Flu cut the power and communication between people for far away distant, so we don’t have sense communication with another person in another town this lead mistrust and misguided trust. If you’re traveler, and walk into another town, the information hasn’t spread this town run by doomsday cult, and you as person mostly likely going die or worst this sense mistrust and misguided trust because you don’t know anything is occurring outside your hometown till you go there and learn the truth.



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