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The title “The Yellow Wall-paper” states that there will be a yellow wallpaper and it starts off with the protagonist being ill. She is married to a physician named John and sought out for his medical expertise because of his “high standing” as a physician. John and the protagonist’s brother, who is also a physician of high standing, told her that she was going to be okay and doesn’t believe that she is sick. Immediately I thought of two things which was 1) you already know that this person isn’t going to be alright in the end and it’ll be like one of those scary movies where the person goes insane. And 2) why didn’t see seek out more medical attention. To get “better” her husband recommended her medication and not to do strenuous activities. Soon after she was brought to a room upstairs and in quote the room was “propellant, almost revolting” (page 3). After thinking for a bit, her freedom was compromised because of her “health issues.”  She was given advice about getting better and followed through with her husband with complete trust without knowing that her health would only get worse. She has told us that she is a bit of a writer and wasn’t allowed to even write because John said so.

She constantly tells John about a room change to go downstairs for example, “Then do let us go downstairs” (page 3). What the husband could have done was just paint over the horrendous color. It was describe as “dull yet lurid orange in some places, a sickly sulphur tint in others”  and that “no wonder children hated it! I should have hate it myself if i I had to live in this room long (page 3). I inferred that she would go insane in the end if she remained in the same room.  She starts seeing things when John’s sister came to visit. “I can see a strange, provoking, formless sort of figure…” (page 4) and at this point I think she is starting to lose it being stuck in the same room for a while with her condition.  Something about the way she perceived the pattern made her want John to take her away from the room. She fears her husband will leave in the morning and wants to talk to her husband but,  he is so delusional. He trusts his judgement and wholeheartedly believes that she isn’t “that sick.” And because of that, she never said a word afterwards and that would be the turning point of story. After that, she kept on looking at the yellow wallpaper and at this point I believe that her sickness got the better of her. She didn’t want to trouble her husband no more after that night and began acting strangely. She was ripping the yellow wallpaper off and sees a woman imprisoned behind the yellow wallpaper. She has finally lost it when she was walking around the room and John fainted. Even though he fainted, she continued to walk around the room.

I think the one of the themes in the story was that her role as a woman was being oppressed by her loving husband and where she stands in the household. Her husband told her that writing would only make her health worse if she continued. But she continue writing in her journal even though John didn’t want her to.

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