Unyielding Progress

Unyielding Progress. This seems t be the very thing that defines the of Station Eleven. Regardless of the obstacle that might get in there way or mistake that might stunt them or an uncontrollable incident that sets them back to the very beginning, The human beings of this world and, in reality seems, they never stop improving progressing and Living, In the book Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (good lord, this is a long name) There have been countless scenarios where humanity have proven themselves capable enough to survive in their new post flu environment but, survival isn’t where they stop at. Survival may be mandatory, but as human beings, we also deem it as nothing but a stepping stone towards our unending yearning for progression. In this essay, i’m going to argue that the multiple groups in this story like, the symphony, the airport settlement and even Tyler’s religious group are considered symbols of the multiple facets of progress and improvement in their own right.

First, let’s talk about the symphony. The symphony represents the more artistic and creative yearning that humanity tends to crave. This craving comes from our deep seated yearn to be able to express ourselves in ways that we personally enjoy. This form of expression may differ from group to group i.e the actors and the musicians, and even person to person Like Kirsten and August. The form of yearning can even differ in intensity from one to another. For example. Kirsten Has had a lifelong dream (or a life long drive if you want to look at it another way, it that way)to on on stage for the enjoyment of others. From being a no named child actress playing a small forgettable role in a Toronto play titled King Lear to a young woman who can only feel truly alive while on stage by pouring her heart and soul into her theatrical performances, This is also true when it comes to her caravan mates, Sure, each one of them joined decided to join the symphony with their own reasons in mind but, the collective goal of everyone to put on performances that would wow crowds which should be considered there own enjoyable forms of expression such as Theater and music. August is another prime example. August has played the violin ever since he was little. He played the violin anytime he could. Haven’t played it while watching star trek if you could believe it. The entirety of the symphony are comprised of people that do what they love which is why they are considered the symbol of expression when defined under the category of human progress.

The Next group are Tyler and his religious group of post apocalyptic worshipers. This part of the thesis is going to talk about religion so..i apologize for any awkwardness or anger you may feel during this paragraph. I am by no means trying to belittle or insult a religious group of any background…

(Sorry..can’t think of anything else to type..Midterms have been taking their toll on me in the past few days.) I’ll definitely be able to type much more than this when midterms are fully over.)

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