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After I finished reading the “The Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood I was shocked about how it ened with so many questions unanswered and when they were it just brought on more questions. An example is when Nick comes in to get Offred with the member of the Eyes and tells Offred that they are part of the mayday. ”I expect a stranger, but it’s Nick who pushes open the door, flicks on the light. I can’t place that, unless he’s one of them. (293) I asked myself was Nick part the of eye all along or was he actually part of the resistance force. Was any of his interactions with Offred legit or was he just spying on her for the government?

When reading the final chapters of the story  acknowledging the belief of the Commander on what he obtained from the republic and Gilead and what he wants in the relationship with Offred had me bewildered.

Offred and the commander is having a conversation and the commander was speaking about why he created Gilead. This paragraph alone “I’m not talking about sex he, he says. That was part of it, the sex was too easy….. You know what they were complaining about the most? Inability to feel” (210).He wanted to bring about some sort of idealistic view of sex that had no real world application. He wanted to have sex pure of sinful thoughts based on his religion and somehow it would create a morally honest sex culture in this society but it didn’t workout that way at all.  Another cliffhanger at the end of the story is the relationship between Offred and The Commander. From the previous chapter it looked like the The Commander cared about Offred but when she was being taken away by the Eyes they seemed to turn on her worrying that she would betray them. ”Bitch, she says. After all he did for you (294). Before it looked as if Serena Joy was the one who called the Eye on Offred. But after you see the way they both react to her getting taken away they seem to be scared that they would talk about all the rules they broke. This makes you question who call them or if Nick is actually part of the mayday and there to safe Offred. 

Throughout the entire story we are told that the sole purpose of the handmaid is to bear children and nothing more. They are basically stripped of everything and the commander says the line ” the sex was too easy” (210). “The inability to feel” (210), what he helped try to fight against is exactly what he got in the end because he did not really understand how people in society view sex. The lines “Kissing is forbidden between us. This makes it bearable. One detaches oneself” (95) literally says that she has to remove her feelings entirely just to get the job done. So it shows he couldn’t have known how disconnected this job that the handmaidens would have made them to the people that they work for.

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