Things Only End If You Let Them

Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven

At the end of another novel it’s got me thinking about how people are in life and the dreams which everyone has. The dreams that every person has since childhood, it is something that one makes happen, not something that just happens on its own.

Near the end of the novel, we learn of what happens to Clark and the rest of the people that are living at the air port in Serven City. While Daria was with Jeevan and Micheal, that friend says the line ” Does it still make sense to teach kids about the way things were?” (269). If any of us were in the same position as anyone else in this story at some point any one of us would probably utter the same line. Having been 20 years since the world ended with everything that has been made with technology becoming entirely unusable. Given the information about how great things were compared to how things were compared to how they are now in the story,it probably would’ve done more bad than good, as Kirstin once said ” the more you remember, the more you’ve lost” (195). The thing is, if everyone had given up on the dream of ever seeing electricity again then they would never see electricity again. Much like any person’s dreams, if you do nothing to achieve that goal than it won’t ever be a thing. Which by the end we learn that the people in Jeevan’s village managed to get power running again, but if everyone had given up on the dream than nobody would have ever seen electricity return ever again.

We also learn about the prophet and how he ended up the way he did. As we read through part 7 we see that Elizabeth’s mental state has already deteriorated from the shock of the world ending, while Tyler is getting heavily influenced by the new testament which he had been reading. Maybe Clark could have pulled the two back from the path which Tyler was going down, but it was already taking everything he had just to stay sane as said in the line ” I should have pulled her back from the edge. But it had taken everything he had to stay back from the edge himself, and what could he have done?” (261). Though he could’ve done something to pull them back from the edge, I couldn’t blame him for not doing much. If any of us were weak willed and saw the world end right before us, it would probably break us mentally. If any of us ever get to a breaking point we’d all probably want someone to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of insanity, friend, family stranger, anyone. Just knowing that someone is there to help you would be something which Elizabeth and Tyler didn’t have. If anyone you know is near the edge of breaking down, give them a shoulder to lean on. That little amount of support lets them know that your at least there for them.

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