There Will Come Soft Rains

In “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rains By Ray Bradbury (1950)”, this story is based off of a timeline and this is a third person point of view considering the narrator not once says “I” suggesting this is from an outsider looking in. Also, it is clear that the narrator strongly uses personification by personifying the home, and small details within the home to give a vivid image as to how the house was before and how it is now. The clock is given the personification of caring about the presence of those who lived in the home. For example, in the beginning it said that “In the living room the voice clock sang- Time to get up seven-o’clock as if it were afraid no body would” (Bradbury, 1). This means that the presence of the people who lived in this home is no longer there and that the clock is not good with being alone. As the story goes on, it begins to discuss the dog that comes over hurt and in search for help. Once it finds there is no one at the house, “it ran wildly in circles biting at its tail spun in a frenzy, and died”. (Bradbury, 3). In other words, the dog ran crazily in circles, spun uncontrollably and then died. This suggests that the home that was once upon a time livable, is now a dangerous/ hazardous place. In the beginning, the home is personified to as strong, holding itself together through this tragedy. However, fails to do so because in the story it is said that “The house tried to save itself. But the windows were broken by the heat and the window blew and sucked upon the fire”. (Bradbury, 5). This conveys that the home tried to stand its ground as much as possible but failed because of the fire that occurred. “The reserved water supply which had filled baths and wash dishes for many quiet days was gone”(Bradbury, 3). In other words, the water supply in which they relied on during their time of crisis failed to be an assist during this fire. At the end, the narrator says “In the kitchen an instant before the rain of fire and timber the stove could be seen making breakfast”. (Bradbury, 6). This to me implied that to someone, not necessarily the narrator has a flashback during the fire of how the home used to be. It can be implied that this story is means to be taking place in the future considering the  utilities within the home are being personified by being responsible for the daily needs of the people who lived there such as the stove cooking pancakes on its own. Also, the title suggests that as well as the repetition of “it is august 2020”. Considering the whole city was wiped out and this was the only home that was standing, it can be implied that there was some type of nuclear weapon used possibly for war considering these weapons are usually the cause of mass destructions.

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