Their Meaning of Survival


Reading  Emily St. John Mandel’s novel, Station Eleven, is about the adventures of the Traveling Symphony as they wonder through to the apocalyptic world. The world has become very difficult to survive and meaning try live. In this world meaning people have to do actions to get themselves or other safe. In this story, the characters have to kill or die to safe others and their actions have influenced other characters.

Body Paragraph 1

Frank gave everything up to save his brother. Frank is a minor character to the novel of Station Eleven and is the Jeevan’s brother. During the Georgia Flu epidemic a large number of people around the world are dying. Very few are immune to it however it left destruction and chaos everywhere. In order to survive Jeevan and Frank stay at their apartment for nearly two months but they would not survive for long. Since Frank is paralyzed and he is not able to travel long distances. He would be able to survive because “Jeevan sometimes heard gunshots at night,” (182). You smell rotting corpses going into their apartment from outside and you can smoke in the distance (182). Frank values civilization, since he has gone through war and fought for civilization, however he believes that whatever is out in the world civilization and order is gone. He later implies to Jeevan that he will kill himself, “I’ll leave first, I’ve given this some thought” (183). This is a major sacrifice so that Jeevan can leave Frank behind so Jeevan can survive. Frank would not be able to survive in a post apocalyptic world since it requires him to adapt quickly but he can’t due to his paralysis. If Frank didn’t do this then Jeevan would never have reach to the Severn City Airport. This is where he created his Museum of Civilization. This is where he will soon meet on of the main characters Kirsten. 

Body Paragraph 2

There are times when you must be prepare to kill in order to survive. Killing people can cause a negative impact on many people, especially if it is a child. During chapter 49, there is boy who is having a conversation with Sayid. Sayid is a member of the Travelling Symphony who was capture by a group of people who follows a person called the Prophet. The boy explains that he must follow the orders of the Prophet and if he does not he fears that the Prophet will kill him. “What choice do I have? You know this… this time we live in, you know how if forces a person to do things”(292). The boy reveals his feelings of how terrible his actions are. He is very afraid of this individual that he believes that he has to kill in order to survive. This shows that the apocalypse can have a huge negative effect in the minds of young children.


At first I was thinking about to write about death in this essay but it really didn’t explain clearly what I want. So I decided to write about how the characters survive and how their actions influence others in the novel. I am unsure if this is a good argument or not. I have some other ideas from the book that I can put into this. I really do need some help with it.

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