The Woman Behind the Wallpaper

The story, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, is a story about a woman struggling with depression and her husband John who is a physician. The story is told in first person perspective and the narrator is the wife as she unravels her inner thoughts to the reader about how she feels about the depression and how she feels about how John takes care of her. He took care of her and she appreciated it completely but she wished she wasn’t restrained from writing even though she gets exhausted just by writing. She even has her own personal diary in which the story is being told through. Neglecting orders from her physician who is also her husband shows how much she loves to write and she even states it in the story when she writes “I think sometimes if i were only well enough to write a little it would even relieve the press of ideas and rest me”. What supports this more is how she describes the colonial mansion she lives in as haunted, it just shows how she feels about not being able to freely write.

I believe the narrator just wanted an escape from her depression and understandingly so, though i can not say i understand what the narrator is going through but just using the imagery of how she describes it and how the narrator state of mind is, well its scary to think about. Writing was her escape but she also had a source of chain and ball so to say and that was the wallpaper in the room in her estate. It was previously the nursing home/playroom for children. She believes that she is better off using the room instead of any blessed child of hers. This goes hand in hand with her state of depression and how she views the room as a prison one cant escape from, just how any parent would not want a child they love to be stuck and unable to escape. She hated the room and more specifically the torn up wallpaper that her husband John restrained her from tearing off because he did not want to give in to her sickness even though he believed she was not really sick according to the narrator.

The wife was obsessed with this wallpaper and she grew increasingly more obsessed with it to the point that she started noticing the patterns it had and even noticed that it had a smell to it. She grew mad along with her obsession. Through the wallpaper she noticed a woman who was “creeping as fast as a cloud shadow in high wind”. She wanted to catch this woman and restrain her but she started seeing more and more women creeping and then later believed that she too came from the wallpaper. She tore off the wallpaper, “I’ve got out at last!” she yelled passionately at her husband. Honestly i believe this was her last attempt of freeing herself from her depression and escape from it forever but it might have been too late.

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