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From when you read the first couple lines on page 1, it is clear as day that this part of the novel was written in the third person .  I wasn’t all focused when I first started reading so I had to reread the beginning again and that’s when it became clear to me that the author started off part 1 taken place at a theater in Toronto where the play ‘King Lear’ , a tragedy written by William Shakespeare was being acted out.

I decided to look up the play since I’ve never heard about it before and apparently the play is about a king who disposes of his kingdom giving bequests to two of his three daughters, bringing tragic consequences for all.

In part 1 we learned about the perspective of the story being told and we also was provided with plenty of characters such as Arthur Leander, who played the King and suffered from a dramatic heart attack, Jeevan Chaudhary , who was a former paparazzo and currently studying as an EMS, Laura , who is Jeevan significant other and a few cast mates  such as Kirsten, a little girl in distraught, and Walter Jacobi, the cardiologist.

First thing first, the King’s dramatic death. I know actors take getting their lines correct seriously and improvise is the last thing they run to but as cast mates seeing the lead role start to lose his breath and skip lines I would be worried. For someone who was having a heart attack he was really calm ; but one thing that touched me was “…because he’d wondered all his life what his profession should be, and now he was certain, absolutely certain that he wanted to be a paramedic. At moments when other people could only stare, he wanted to be the one to step forward.” This quote spoke to me in a way because to be a paramedic you have to have the guts for it and you have to be fast and in my Social Psychology class I learned that the human instinct to do something when chaos is going on is to do nothing so for the humans who do act on a timely manner when something important is going on are hero’s and Jeevan is proud of himself (As he should) and it put a little smile on my face . He also didn’t hesitate to make sure that Kirsten was okay and safe with her guardian.  We are also told that Jeevan bought the tickets to the play as a romantic gesture to Laura , claiming that all they do is argue, but instead of waiting for him after he took the first gesture to trying to save Authors life to congratulate him or to be there for his mental support, she goes home without even leaving him a message and then messages him asking him to bring home milk? I feel like throughout the novel the narrator is going to give us more details about their relationship because how the author portrayed their relationship in the first part make me curious to know more about them. So far I think im going to enjoy this novel and m excited to get a better understanding with everything .

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  1. Daniel

    I was also wondering about the significance of King Lear. I did Lear in high school and it was as dry as sawdust but I remember that he (Lear) was a fool who learnt the hard way to be humble. Is there a parallel in Station Eleven, are not all post pandemic survivors in the book humbled by the experience, or more to the point: humbled by the power of nature. Man’s hubris is shattered by the power of nature, who with a simple bacteria, can almost annihilate mankind.


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