The Secret Behind The Land of The Dreams

This story written by Ursula Le Guin is honestly an interest story but I have to confess it was super boring at the beginning. The part that caught my attention was going on to the second page in line 18,  where the narrator says, ” I wish I could convince you. Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairy tale , long ago and far away, once upon a time.” The city is being described as somewhere where you would like to live in, a made up place that you will be completely content being in. It brings on heavy imagery when someone describes a place like that. At least to me, I used to watch the show Once Upon A Time. Anyways, still in the second page a little further down in page 23, the narrator says, ” The people of Omelas are happy people.”  . What does that truly mean? To be happy, that the people from this place are happy people. The definition of happiness is then described using the different social classes, and for a second it is true.  The less material things that you may have the happier you can be. It is like a saying that I have heard before that goes like, ” The more money you have, the more problems that come along with it.”.

The narrator makes the city of Omelas look like its a great place, it is placed on a pedestal. In page three, from line 13 to 19 it is said that the people of Omelas have no guilt, they do drugs if they want to and they are not ashamed by it.  It is like everything in that place is too good to be true. That there are drugs called “drooz” that makes you feel high and gives you  some sort of relaxation but also causing visions and enhancing sexual experiences. The narrator also goes into beer and alcohol but it is not looked upon heavily like they would in any other place.  It is like they all celebrate something, that there is something to be happy about.

That happiness ends in Page four, third paragraph. We as readers get exposed to this little room with a broom and a mop and a bucket and….. a kid.

A ten year old kid who is suffering, malnutritioned, unhealthy, naked, sitting on the floor on its own feces. That is sad. That is something that should never be done to a kid, no matter how young they are and no matter what they have done. That is not just child abuse but cruelty. The thing that upsets me more was that people go, just to watch him or her. They couldn’t even give it a gender. As if it were an inanimate object, or something that did not matter.

Everyone in that city knows about the kid, They are not allowed to take the kid out, or to say any nice things. They showcase this kid and this is what keeps the “beautiful city of Omelas” in peace and happy. It is supposedly what keeps the people from feeling guilty.  Having someone , they apparently do not care if it is a child who is innocent. And no one even knows why the child is there. Like, why is the kid receiving such harsh punishment for everyone else’s happiness.

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