The reason why i write

I don’t exactly know how to go about this but, i’ll definitely try to put this in the most concise and somewhat succinct way possible. The reason i write has to stem from the fact that writing to me is complete freedom stuffed into a single past time. Reality can be somewhat stifling to me. There are many things you can’t do or say. You’re always somewhat forced to abide by the rigid and somewhat arbitrary rule set that the majority of the your society’s population creates. And whoever dares break any of these rules are usually met with great scrutiny and to a certain degree, treated as a social pariah by the normalcy abiding citizens. It’s the banner of normalcy that the population that holds majority use onto anyone and anything that breaths. Arbitrary rules such as what’s OK to say and what isn’t OK to say. What’s OK to do and what isn’t OK to do. Can limit one’s ability to express themselves in a way that they see fit So, when i want to express myself writing becomes my creative medium. Being able to say what i want how i want whenever i want on dead paper is one of the most liberating activities that i can ever partake in. Writing in a journal about anything that comes to mind can really take a load off your shoulders when saying it in person isn’t much of an option. Creating stories that incorporate worlds that operate on a set of rules that you yourself can create. Writing is a medium that can liberate your very soul in ways that no one else can. And, also, if i can be really honest with you all. Writing is one of the main ways i learn about who i am as a person. For those who may not know. There are many things about ourselves that you we may not even be aware of. Interests, Pet Peeves, perspective etc. These sorts of things can be somewhat hard to find on your own. We can only learn so much about ourselves by how we behave on a day to day basis. When it comes to writing be it in a journal, a diary or even by writing a story, you’re able to constructively figure out what makes you tick. This all stems from the fact that when you’re writing (especially when you’re alone). You only have you and your own thoughts to keep you company. No distractions from the outside world and (if you’re writing at a time where you don’t have many responsibilities to worry about) a whirlwind of ideas that cloud your head (i don’t mean this as a bad thing the term “cloud” just came up for some reason so i just typed it as is). These thoughts stem from your inner self and believe it or not but, it’s crying out all of it’s worries, fears, hopes and even precious dreams. Understanding yourself can be somewhat scary to some though. Some people may be afraid to write because of what they may drag out from deep within themselves. Depressing, or scary ideals can be one of those aspects that individuals may want to keep hidden deep, deep within themselves. The very idea of letting these ideas surface is what terrifies many people. And if you (the reader) are seeing this and consider yourself as one of these individuals then i only have this to say. Denying yourself isn’t going to help anyone. You’re certainly not doing yourself any favors by doing so. The road to understanding and acceptance can be somewhat frightening. But, denying what makes you, you isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself and doesn’t exactly help you understand why you think the way you do. Or act the way you do. I mean, sure. Denial is almost always the easier path that requires less effort but, In my opinion. You’re just being a coward to yourself. The harder path which is will lead to a much happier future. Or, at the very least to a much more clear and not so confusing future. am i going to end this… I think I’ve already said everything i wanted to say about the subject……………………………………. Okay, i know what to say. EVERYONE! start writing! If you don’t know what to write about then just jot down anything that randomly comes to mind! Those free writes our professor makes us do isn’t Something she uses just to kill time! There’s an actual reason to them! And that reason is in the previous paragraph! So, just Write! Write about how your day went, write about something/someone you like, write about something/someone you hate. Hell, write a story if you so choose. And to those who think that this a bit of a silly thing to ask, trust me when i say that you will definitely learn at the very least a little bit more about yourself. I mean, worse case scenario you’ll get somewhat bored doing it. Best case scenario, you’ll learn a heck of a lot more about yourself in a few minutes of writing than you ever could in like, a month of just living! You have so little to lose and potentially sooo much to gain!

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  1. Jill Belli

    It was inspiring to hear you discuss your writing as a form of liberation and self-exploration/self-knowledge (I also liked the vote of confidence for my giving you guys freewriting 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing this with us.


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