The performance

I honestly had to re-read this over and over because I continued to lose focus. The story opens up inside of a Shakespeare theatre where a man named Arthur Leander is playing the lead role in a play. I was kind of surprised at how quickly death appeared, but then again it is Shakespeare. While on stage there appears to be a commotion and suddenly Arthur became ill and eventually collapses to the ground. “I remember thine eyes well enough,” Arthur said, distracted by the child version of Cordelia, and this was when it happened. There was a change in his face, he stumbled, he reached for a column but misjudged the distance and struck it hard with the side of his hand.“Down from the waist they are Centaurs,” he said, and not only was this the wrong line but the delivery was wheezy, his voice barely audible. He cradled his hand to his chest like a broken bird.” (Page 1) This shows that Arthur was having a heart attack and had no time to cry for help, unfortunately, he passed away.
On the same page, I caught on to the that characters rely on others in order to survive. For example, “The man’s girlfriend tugged at his sleeve, hissed, “Jeevan! What are you doing?” And Jeevan himself wasn’t sure at first, the rows behind him murmuring for him to sit. An usher was moving toward him. Snow began to fall over the stage.

“The wren goes to’t,” Arthur whispered, and Jeevan, who knew the play very well, realized that the actor had skipped back twelve lines. “The wren …”

“Sir,” the usher said, “would you please …”

But Arthur Leander was running out of time. He swayed, his eyes unfocused, and it was obvious to Jeevan that he wasn’t Lear anymore. Jeevan pushed the usher aside and made a dash for the steps leading up to the stage, but a second usher was jogging down the aisle, which forced Jeevan to throw himself at the stage without the benefit of stairs. It was higher than he’d thought and he had to kick the first usher, who’d grasped hold of his sleeve. The snow was plastic, Jeevan noted peripherally, little bits of translucent plastic, clinging to his jacket and brushing against his skin. Edgar and Gloucester were distracted by the commotion, neither of them looking at Arthur, who was leaning on a plywood column, staring vacantly. There were shouts from backstage, two shadows approaching quickly, but Jeevan had reached Arthur by now and he caught the actor as he lost consciousness, eased him gently to the floor. The snow was falling fast around them, shimmering in the blue-white light. Arthur wasn’t breathing”(Page 1) This almost seemed like a performance, in my opinion, it’s ironic how all of this is occurring in the middle of a show. Jeevan’s effort to save Arthur’s life impacted not only the people on stage but also the crowd and himself since he was not able to bring him back. Then, Jeevan began to comfort Kristen and tries to distract her from the death of Arthur.

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