The outbreak

The part one of the book “Station Eleven” written by Emily St. John Mandel started the story by an accident happened in the Elgin theater, then lead to the appear of all characters from the story, even though they were not eye-catching in the beginning. The story began with a scene of King Lear by William Shakespeare, and the main character of this show is called Arthur Leander. To be honest, it was a little boring in the beginning, it was nothing else but just the scenes from the works written by William Shakespeare, at the moment I felt like to skip couple paragraphs and continue reading after, but a change was rising in the story which an accident happened which caught my curiosity continue reading it .

Arthur Leander, the actor in the show started to act weird and couldn’t tell the scripts normally. However no one realized that except a man called Jeevan who was sitting in the audience seat. He tried to go up to the stage and help the actor, but the security thought he was a deranged fan of Arthur and stopped him from going to the stage.  Finally Jeevan was not stopped by the security and his girlfriend, Laura and quickly went up to the stage and try to save Arthur with the other people who was a cardiologist named Walter Jacobi, unfortunately they did not save Arthur successfully at the end.

The author, Mandel used a simile on Arthur behavior when he was acting unusual, “and seemed frozen in place, his mouth opening and closing like a fish” (Mandel, Page 4) This greatly described how serious the condition of Arthur was, and here to declare his death and open a line for the story.

After the failure of saving Arthur, Jeevan felt a little guilty and planned to leave the theater, however, he just found Laura left without telling him, after he met a little girl named Kirsten Raymonde which was around seven to eight who actually witnessed the death of Arthur and returned her to the wrangler, Tanya. He tried to call Laura and finally knew the reason about her leaving, he felt unhappy about what she had done and what she asked him to do after. He felt like they were not that close to each other. The author even gave some detail environmental descriptions on streets, “The night was dark and filled with movement, snow falling fast and silent, the cars parked on the street swelling into soft outlines of themselves” (Mandel, Page 12.) Mandel used the environment to reflect how exactly Jeevan felt in his heart at the moment.

The death of Arthur quickly connected to other characters such as Miranda who lived in Malaysia now, but this is not the thing yet. Jeevan’s friend, Hua gave him a call suddenly  and first told him about the serious epidemic, Gregorio’s Flu. According to what Hua said, the condition was getting worse in the hospital since there was more and more victims. By the advice from Hua, Jeevan quickly went to the local store and started to buy and store food for this disaster. After the third call from Hua which signaled the end of his life, Jeevan contacted Laura, but Laura did not take it serious or she did not believe in him. Jeevan got his food and arrived to meet his brother, Frank. Everything came to a worst situation and part one of story ended here with putting  an incomplete list at the end.

This story reminded me about the Resident Evil or the movie, Outbreak. All these began the outbreak of a type of serious epidemic which may signify  the end of the world and lead people in the world going crazy on it, they began to think back about their old life, and scared of the new days under the end of the world, it is a story about survival, but just surviving is not enough.

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