The memories and the struggle

In the book “Station Eleven” written by Emily ST. John Mandel, it tells the story about the destruction under the Georgia Flu and how people struggled for their lives after the this with the support of their memories left in their minds. After the happening of this huge disaster, people seemed to be vulnerable, the legacy of human seemed to be the only support for them to continue living on this planet.

Through the reading from part 4 to part 6, we can feel the sense of vulnerable at several scenes. After facing so many deaths from the Earth, the one who was left over and faced the huge destruction of the Georgia Flu, what is their choice after? To be disappointed and wait for the deaths come to them or stand up and continue struggle for living. Everything seemed to be very heavy to the people who were left over. In Chapter 37, ” My memories from before the collapse seem like dreams now. I remember looking down from an airplane window, this must have been sometime during the last year or two, and seeing the city of New York” (Mandel, Page 195.) we could feel a sense through the conversation which was that the more you remember from the past or the more you experienced from the past, the more you would be hurt.

The part which shocked me a little was the suicide of Jeevan’s brother, Frank. As we know, Jeevan was taking care of his brother, Frank. Their fates had been connected to each other after the outbreak of Georgia Flu. If Jeevan continue staying with Frank til the end, they both might not escape from the death of sickness. However, at this moment, Frank chose the suicide which means the closeness of survival to death. Jeevan will be struggle on his own later on and might have a bigger chance to survive, it was crucial but it was inevasible. At the end of this chapter, the author mentioned, ” keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. He looked up and met the eyes of an owl, wathcing him from a snow-laden branch” (Mandel, Page 194.) Here implied that he had to face the reality and moved on, and his fate would take the influence from his brother and he would be saved by his brother’s scarified.


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