The Index To How To Act For Dummies

In the story “Girl,” from start to finish it is just stating how to do something. There are no specifics, no actual instructions on how to do what she is being told. You can clearly see that this person, assuming it may be her mother, is concerned for her well-being. The repetitive use of the word “slut” is concerning though because that is not how you speak to someone. Assuming that it is her daughter that is being spoken to, most people would refrain from using language like that. Though this person may be coming off as extremely harsh there is truth in what is being said. 

In many aspects I can relate to this story since I was taught similar things growing up. Maybe it is a cultural thing or maybe not I’m not exactly sure. Depending on your surroundings and how people around you were brought up you pick up a few things or it gets added on to your “cultural teachings.” I have always been told to watch how I act around men, not because I’m so bent on becoming a “slut” but because it’s just a part of being a “lady.” I was taught how to cook, clean, sit and properly speak amongst other things just because women have always been taught these things in my culture. Women have always been told how to carry themselves. It is just a tradition that continues amongst the generations. 

Even though reading the word “slut” may have caught me by surprise but this is the reality of the world. It is so easy to label a female as a slut for something as simple as the way she walks. How to act comes with age and experiences, she won’t go straight to being the way she was taught to be. People have always and will always learn from making mistakes, it is human nature. Yes, this woman is being protective over who I assume is her daughter she has probably gone through something for her to say these things. But perhaps like the mother, the daughter will learn from experience. No one is perfect. 

The mother is not wrong for wanting to teach her daughter all of these things. Discipline and manners are needed in everyones life. But this is where everyone has always continued to go wrong, the women should not be the only ones told and taught how to act. As they say, common sense is not so common after all right? Men can walk around doing as they please to this day but women must be angels. Women are portrayed as humans that never make mistakes and God forbid if they do they are so harshly penalized for it. I may sound like such a feminist right now but, if there is a whole manual being taught to girls there should be one for men as well. It is a two way street. If you can’t clap with one hand then you also should not hold one person accountable for a mistake, whatever that mistake may be.

In conclusion, this story definitely is still relatable in this day and age. Women are still expected to be a certain way. To be labeled as a slut you really don’t need to do anything, all you need to do is not follow the “norms.” Its not fair at all, but it is what it is. 

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