The Harsh Ending

All I hope for isĀ  for a second book. I need to know why she was taken, what is going to happen to her. Is she really pregnant or not?

But as for the rest of the chapters before that.

Even if men were sterile, in Gilead that was a forbidden word. Only women could commit the crime of not being able to bare children. Either they could or could not. But then Serena Joy plants in this possibility onto Offred’s head. “Maybe he can’t.”(204) and in this moment, Offred knows that this could be true. “Maybe you should try another way, another man.”(205). I believe that because of the commander’s age he just can not get her pregnant as easily as a younger man could. That can happen right? She is then offered by the same Serena Joy, to have intercourse with Nick, he is much younger, maybe he can do in ways the commander lacks. Offred feels like this is betrayal, to the commander, but also she can see the desperation in Serena’s eyes. She wants a baby, she wants a kid. No one will know if Offred stays quiet. She has even agreed to show Offred a picture of her daughter and a cigarette and a match. Dangerous thing to give a handmaid a match. She could start a fire, that could be a way to escape.

Now I do want to talk about these arranged marriages. “Even though some of them are no more than Fourteen.”(219) These teenagers are put into these arranged marriages and the thing is that they will not even know what life was before. There is no way of them rebelling like the women are now. It will just be like second nature to them. It has been said that it has also become a way for women to remain safe, they will not have to raise a child by themselves and they will not have to work, so that way they can only focus on their biological duties, to reproduce and raise the young ones.

I want to come on to my favorite moment in which Offred sees Moira at the club that the commander takes her to. “Then I see her. Moira. She’s standing with two other women, I have to look hard, again to make sure it’s really her.”(238) Moira has not been around since she escaped earlier on in the book. No one knew if she did it successfully, I believe Janine had said that she dies. It is all a little foggy by now.

As for the ending of the book, Gilead was made to better the declining population. I think that it also had to do with men having power and women being oppressed. The typical stereotype of men doing the hard work and women staying in the house to birth children and stay home.

One thing that I had never liked was the fact that women were not allowed to read or do any work. it is like all those years of gender equality just did not happen.

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