The grown girl, and the light and dark path to the future.

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Madel, the story is broken up to different sections each focusing on a different character who serves as the protagonist for that story. In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” it focuses on Kirsten, who was a little girl in Toronto production of King Lear, where Arthur Leander died. In her story, twenty years has passed since Jeevan part of story and epidemic of Georgia Flu. The setting of the world has retrogressed to time when machine like automobile and such thing didn’t exist or was in progression to become machines that were run by electrics.

The story opens up with twenty years’ time skip after Jeevan part. We focus on Kirsten, she is described as “Now she walked in sandals whose soles has been cut from an automobile tire, three knives in her belt. She carrying a paperback version of the play, the stage directions highlighted in yellow. “Mad,” she said, continuing, “fantastically dressed with wild flowers.”.” To describe Kirsten, she is still performing in plays, why else would she carry a script for play. As for what she wears, she wearing sandals whose soles has been cut from car tire, so how you look isn’t important. The most important things she is wearing is the belt with three knives, this could be signifying that everyone needs to carry a weapon to protect themselves. (Mandel, 35)


The picture above shows the young Emperor of Yamato from Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen, who in reality is a human scientist named Mito that survived the apocalypse before the start Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen. Mito discovered a laboratory in the ruins that was once human civilization that contained data files about all things from technology to medicine from the time before the apocalypse occurred, thus he spent the rest of his life reengineering the technology he founded to the building of his nation.


While traveling Kirsten met an inventor, “In Traverse City, the town they’d recently left, an inventor had rigged an electrical system in an attic. It was modest in scope, a stationary bicycle that when pedaled vigorously could power a laptop, but the inventor had grader aspirations: the point wasn’t actually the electrical system, the point was that he was looking the Internet.” The purpose of this invention is to get on the internet. The Internet is a massive storage of information, where we documented everything that humanity has achieved and experienced. The inventor thinking, we can recreate all the technology from before the epidemic of the Georgia Flu. What we need most is information, which is humanity strongest weapon, if we can find that information. Where we can find it, it is the internet. It similar to Mito’s situation when he discovered the laboratory’s database, where he reengineers the technology he found in data files, so we can imagine this inventor is trying to do what Mito did in Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen. He will try recover the information from the internet then rebuild the technology like oil-plants and other things to bring back progression to their regressed world. (Mandel, 38)

A doomsday cult is used to describe a group of people who believe in apocalypse. In post-apocalypse setting, a doomsday cult focus on rebuilding civilization to a paradise they invisioned, but this paradise can bring no good, only horrors awaits. 

When Kirsten met the Prophet and his doomsday cult, it was no surprise the senior members of her party acted fast “Quickly,” the conductor said. “Harness the horses.” “I thought we were staying a few days,” Alexandra said, a little whiny. “It’s a doomsday cult.” We see conductor here is smart, he knows this group of people is a sign of trouble, and he making the call we leaving right now because no good can come from staying here. From the story, Kirsten was looking for her friends Charlie, the sixth guitar, and the baby Annabel, and they found a graveyard with the tombstones with her friends name on it. It no surprise that doomsday cult intended to kill off her friends to bury them as live-sacrifices to who know what. There many crazy thing people believe in, and the goals of most doomsday cult in video-games as example is rebuild civilization in the sense of paradise in the image of the leader of cult known as the prophet.  (Mandel, 62)

In the world twenty years after epidemic of Georgia Flu, we see humanity trying to rebuild. We see a nameless inventor trying to rebuild the technology they had, and we see doomsday cult who believe in rebuilding their civilization to paradise for themselves through dark methods. All these events occur around Kirsten, who only want to protect the people she cares about in Symphony. In the end, everyone desires a future that a better place than what they have now, and Kirsten is thrown into storm of these events to follow.

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  1. Samuel Post author

    I feel I should mention this, if people don’t know Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen, they may get bad impression of Mito (Emperor of Yamato). In Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen is mix of science fiction, post-apocalypse, and fantasy. There parts in story where Mito sent his armies to slaughter and ignited in flame the invades that raid his nation, but he justifies he does what a leader need to do protect his people even means killing enemy. His people revere him as god. The reason is the people in his nation are the clones of DNA of humans that was stored in the lab that he discovered, but population doesn’t know that secret. There the idea cloning human and DNA restructuring which is science fiction of the story. If wish know more anime Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen is on Crunchyroll. Although that second season, the first season you have find is quite old, and sequel to both of them is only a game that is in Japanese only.


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