The Good Doctor

In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, the main protagonist Offred while visiting the clinic for check-up, she meet a unique doctor. The doctor is down to earth, admitting there are sterile man within a country that consider that is not officially. The doctor offers to impregnate her, so she can bear a child and be safe from execution by the law. This act is risky because it against the law, but this doctor is good person willing to help her because he is risking himself as well.

This doctor that Offred talks to in the clinic seem to be more down to Earth than the rest of the people in this country. The doctor said “Most of those old guys can’t make it anymore,” (61) he follows up with “Or they’re sterile” (61) in a country where the word sterile is forbidden that is big thing to do for doctor. Even Offred’s response “I almost gasp: he’s said a forbidden word” (61) this doctor is academic knowledgeable because he knows that there are women who can bear children and those can’t bear a child, and he know there are men who are either not sterile or sterile. In a country where officially, a sterile man doesn’t exist and only women that are either fruitful or barren, he is willing say there are sterile man in secret is big thing, so he is down to Earth knowing what real and fake.

The doctor is very kind person because he is willing to put himself in danger to help these handmaids because if the guardians discovers what he been doing, he be dead. Offred mention “I hesitate. He’s offering himself to me, his services, at risk to himself” (61) there are some risk to the doctor impregnating a handmaid in order to help them to fake having a bear a child with the commander that is maybe sterile. In a sense this is genuine sympathy because if he wanted intercourse I’m pretty sure his wife would do it, but since he willing help these handmaids at the risk he could be caught means death. This shows he is a good person that isn’t in for the intercourse to help these handmaids because he put himself in danger by doing so.

This doctor is interesting person to come across in this dystopian country, he is not doctor in for intercourse with these handmaids because if he was caught he be killed. People can think the doctor want intercourse in exchange a handmaid get impregnated, but in a dystopian setting the sense of rights and wrongs are out the door already. It the decision for the handmaids to make do they want die because their commander is actually sterile, and the higher-ups doesn’t want admit the truth not everything in the bribe is true, or do they want to live by having a child with a stranger. Even thou Offred rejected the offer, he told Offred to come back next month if she change her mind, he giving Offred a decision to save herself or die. We know Janine would do it for sure with doctor!

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  1. Sebastian Garzon

    I understanding  what you are trying say about the doctor here, but I have to disagree. Reading that scene seemed more like he was sexually harassing her. He was using Offred’s position of not being able to get pregnant just to have sex and that he could get away with it. That is my perspective.


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