The Future as We May Know it

“There will come soft rains by ray bradbury is a short story that starts off with  how many of us envision the future. The futuristic smart house where everything is done by itself and you d not have to raise a single finger.  The story takes place in August 4th (my birthday), in 2026. The house is completely alone, with no human being inside of it, and even though at first it took me some time to realize that there wasn’t anyone in there, the house runs by itself as in it were like expecting someone to be inside of it.

“The weather box on the front door sang quietly ” Rain Rain, G o away, rubbers, raincoats for today.  ( Bradbury Page 2 Paragraph 4, Sentence 4) It believes, and when I say it, I mean the house.The artificial Intelligence that we now only ‘s get a glimpse of, believes that there is another force, or another life or human being in the house. We as the readers do not know what happened to the rest of the population or to Mrs. McClellan who used to be the person who lived in this house.

“Out of the warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted.”, (Bradbury Page 1 Paragraph 7, Sentence 1)

What once was an abomination, one of the most disgustingly things from this planet, is now a powerful tool that helps clean this inhabited house.  The mice go and clean and leave. It is like if you drop something they are constantly watching you, so if you tend to make a mess. they go and clean it right away.

In the second page of this short story we have come across some revealing information about this new feature that this so called smart house has from within. It happens to be that no one and absolutely no one can get closed or touch the house . Birds cannot even get close. “No, not even a bird must touch the house”.

In Page 3 we get revealed that this house belongs to someone after all. This person is a lady called Mrs. McClellan, We as readers do not know her age nor if she is still married or not. (Bradbury Page 3 Second Paragraph Line 7.)

Dogs are a great addition to a home, that is of course, in my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own, but anyways.

It is revealed that there was some dog that used to live with them but now the dog is completely irecognizable , It has no longer that healthy fun and long coat that it once did. It is now Covered in sore spots and malnutrition-ed.  (Bradbury, Page 2 Paragraph 2 Sentence 6, ” It ran wildly in circles, biting off at its tail, spun in a  frenzy, and then died.” The poor dog died, which i must say i was not expecting that.

As I was reading this story i came across so many questions and maybe some of you guys would be able to break it down further for me. Like for example; What happened to the population?

What happened to the kids the elderly and everyone else in between?

Where is everyone?

Why is the house empty?

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