The dragon is dead

In “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Madel, in this part of the story different characters are being focused on, Kristen. I loved the fact that kristen was basically like te new main character it felt as if te torched had been passed to her by jeevan in the first act.In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” focuses on the experience of Kirsten, who was the girl in the play of King Lear, where Arthur Leander died of a heart attack.  In her part of the story, twenty years has passed since the epidemic. .“Now she walked in sandals whose soles has been cut from an automobile tire, three knives in her belt. She carrying a paperback version of the play, the stage directions highlighted in yellow. “Mad,” she said, continuing, “fantastically dressed with wild flowers.”(Mandel 35) I like the fact that she is carrying a weapon for some strange reason, it reminds me of Mad Max, Terminator or Book Of Eli where people just have to be tough in order to survive. The setting of the world is a post-apocalyptic time where the the fundamental knowledge of machines is rare and far apart, only a very few people can use technology and understand it fundamentally.

Kirsten meets an inventor named Mito, “In Traverse City, the town they’d recently left, an inventor had rigged an electrical system in an attic. It was modest in scope, a stationary bicycle that when pedaled vigorously could power a laptop, but the inventor had grander aspirations: the point wasn’t actually the electrical system, the point was that he was looking the Internet.” (Mandel, 38)    Mito’s goal is to get access to the internet. The Internet has all the info on everything, a documented recording of human history, entertainment and power.  Mito wants to reinvent all the tech from before the epidemic so he could control and manipulate anyone or thing. Mito’s impresses me because i thought for a fact that most people would be doing what he is doing now but from what i’m reading most people can’t or won’t learn anything more than just how to survive in the situation they are in. He is basically the key for human civilization to recover so we can jump back and regain our knowledge. He reinvents the tech he found in the internet, he will recover the info in the internet so humanity can progress and move past the state they are in.

Finally when Kirsten met the Prophet it was clear that he was in a doomsday cult, “Quickly,” the conductor said. “Harness the horses.” “I thought we were staying a few days,” Alexandra said, a little whiny. “It’s a doomsday cult.” .  (Mandel, 62) The conductor knows this groupis nothing but problems,”The conductor stepped back.Absolutely not.”(Mandel, 62)The cult beliefs in human sacrifices. They wanted to kill her and her friends. This reminds me of plenty of video games where peole go insane or belief in crasy things to justify hhorrible actions toward others our themselves that creates very intense senarios.


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