The “apocalyptic arc” and the “backstory arc”

Part 2:

Part two is basically the beginning after the end arc. And’s not really all that special when compared to other post apocalyptic arcs. Society seems to have converted from a largely packed filled with people to pockets of smaller pocket communities who are formed in places like restaurants, gas stations, markets, etc.  Scavenging for materials have become the norm and the constant fear of other people who might want to hurt you and the ones you love for selfish gains have become a common thing. The overarching story was somewhat boring but  I will, however, admit that i liked being able to see Kristen, one of characters from part one after the 20 year time skip.  I’ve always liked those kinds of transitions. Kirsten was just another no name, and somewhat shy child actress but now, she’s a young woman who is part of a traveling theater group called The Symphony.  She’s now seen as a somewhat strong willed woman who has followed her dream to be an actor even after the apocalypse. Oh, and before i forget to mention. I still don’t understand her weird fascination with Arthur. He isn’t really much of a stand up or interesting guy when you compare him with the myriad of different other extremely famous actors you can compare him to. Why exactly is he considered extremely special to her anyway? The only reason i could think of would have to be because of the comics he gave her before he drew his last breath which she liked enough keep with her after all of these year.

Part 3:

Part 3 seemed to be a somewhat boring back story arc. It’s main story was about Arthur and his life to stardom from his humble beginnings. I’m sorry to say this but, this part wasn’t exactly interesting. Nor was it captivating. It basically went on about how Arthur and the people he met on his way to being a famous actor. One of the more interesting characters i somewhat liked had to be Miranda (she wasn’t interesting in the least but she at the very least was a tad more interesting than Arthur). She was a woman who lived a life that she was actually proud of. She had a job working at a shipping company which she genuinely liked and was creating a graphic novel called “Station Eleven” on the side. Miranda, however, didn’t have the best of luck when it came to the men she dated. Her first boyfriend, Pablo,  was an aspiring artist who constantly lambasted her for being part of the corporate system.  That relationship didn’t really last all to long before she ended up going out with Arthur who, at first, seemed like a genuinely nice guy. He even talked to her about her graphic novel. This relationship lasted for about 3 years until Miranda finds out, on her third wedding anniversary that Arthur was having an affair with Elizabeth (these two are still alive after the apocalyptic disease took hold and wiped out a good amount of civilization which, forebodes potential issues they both may have in the future. I really hope this doesn’t end up being true because it’s just going to lead down an annoying side story about two woman being annoyed by Each other because of Arthur and his bad choices. I’ll be extremely displeased if it boils down to “two woman have issues with each other because of past baggage and, because of this past baggage, either an argument happens or a full on fight happens” I really do hope it doesn’t come to this. I really don’t want to revisit a part of the past that i genuinely don’t care all that much about.


(after rereading my response, I’ve come to the realization that i sound really jaded about the story so far.. If this response annoys or puts anyone off from the story in anyway then i sincerely apologize.)


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