Technology didn’t save us from the war

In this story “There will be soft rains” by Ray Bradbury is an amazing story i read 2 years ago in English 1.  It shows the comfort that technology can bring to people lives and how it can ruin the lives of many with crippling effects on the environment and wildlife. Plus the most disturbing realization of all is that there are no people around in this story. “Today is August 4, 2026,” said a second voice from the kitchen ceiling, “in the city of Allendale, California.” (1,2) Within this quote we get a lot of info on the setting in this story, the story takes place in August4, 2026 in Allendale California which is an actual county in California. Also this is a story in the future in a “Smart House” that has automatic settings determined by the time in the day in every paragraph in the story which gives us the exact time frame from which this    names of people who don’t show up in he story at all because they have either left the house or died outside, because the house is abandoned with no one to shut it down it keeps running on each day until it finally runs out of energy or breaks down.  But what i find interesting is how the narrator personified the objects in the house and the “animalification” of fire burning the house down, as if it was a predator hunting down prey.“The fire backed off, as even an elephant must at the sight of a dead snake. Now there were twenty snakes whipping over the floor, killing the fire with a clear cold venom of green froth.”(4,2) the narrator makes sure we picture fire as an elephant moving away from snakes and show the green froth as twenty snakes which came from the house robots who maintain the house, they obviously used some sort of futuristic fire repellent. My only wonder is why the house was completely abandoned if it worked perfectly also wha happened outside that would warrant leaving everything behind without a trace or clue of the past owners except the name of the married people, status in family. But i did have an idea on why they might have been gone, in this quote,”Today is Mr.Featherstone’s birthday. Today is the anniversary of Tilita’s marriage. (1,2)” This could mean that the family simply is not home at this time because they are celebrating the anniversary of the parents but died when they got causght in whatever was outside at the moment like nuclear weapon attacks or which would explain why the house was so empty, or at least what i thought at the beginning until reading later when the narrotor mentioned the dog i realized that life outside of the comfort of this house was harsh and cruel.

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