tables turn

And so, the ending has come with The Handmaid’s Tale. And, to be completely honest, I did not like how the story ended. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly but, I definitely was not expecting it to finish the way that it did. It was eh, that’s the best way that I am able to describe it. I did, however, enjoy the turn the commander had. Who would have thought?! The man that seemed to have/feel zero emotions towards women, even his own wife, AND prevented such emotional intimacy, was the one that desired it the most. The commander seems to have wanted a real relationship along with real emotions that went both ways, he wanted it to mean something, he did not care if it had a title (such as marriage etc.,) or not. “I’m not talking about sex, he says. that was part of I, the sex was too easy. anyone could just buy it. there was nothing to work for, nothing to fight for. we have the stats from that time. you know what they were complaining about the most? inability to feel.”(201) This is something I was not expecting to read about from the commander, he is without a doubt the character that surprised me the most from this novel, I wonder what happens to him in the future. I do recall writing a previous post about the relationship between the commander and Offred, I had a feeling it would somehow transition into something, even if it leads to them not ending up together, the writer showed us how far and comfortable they became with each other, especially the commander himself.

Offred did not change much, as for how I expected, I was hoping she would stop thinking of the past so much and focus more on her future and what she has yet accomplished. It was a bit disappointing that she still seemed confused about the men in her life, she wanted nick at the end and felt a little something for the commander and yet, still thought about Luke. But, overall Offred seemed to have lived through a lot, she experienced so many awful and good things that hopefully she ended up finding happiness in the long run, and, the love of her life. Most importantly hopefully she found herself as well, now that she was free and was no longer under any rules and no longer a handmaid!  (Even though she broke some rules anyways, go Offred!) 

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