Survival Isn’t All One Needs: Memories Are Necessary.


The word Survival can mean many things to many people. In Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, surviving was not equal to living. That surviving was some how less than living. With this Idea in mind one would have to ask; What does it means to survive Isn’t living, alone, proves one’s survival or is there is more to it? In Station Eleven, we are lead to believe that there is more to living than survival. That just merely surviving isn’t living.

Paragraph 1

Station Eleven’s story is all about doing more than just surviving. One of characters, Kirsten, have the words “Survival is insufficient…tattooed on her left forearm” (120). The traveling Symphony have words on their lead van that say “Because survival is insufficient” (58).The meaning of these words are part of the theme and tone that is set through out the book.Which helps us, the readers, to understand why some of the characters held on to some of the things that they use to help them live in the new world that surrounds them. For, example, the Traveling Symphony and Shakespeare’s play.

Paragraph 2

The Traveling Symphony were a group of actors and musicians who migrates from town to town to put on shows by acting out Shakespeare’s plays. They do this to give the the town’s people something good from the past. Because of the Traveling Symphony moving from town to town, it seems,that the ability to be able to entertain others and to travel is more important than to just live. By, holding on to the theater arts, it has giving Kirsten and the rest of the traveling group a reason to live. Acting gives them something else to think about instead of being constantly focus on all that was taken away from them 20 years ago.




I am just starting out with this essay. I am currently making an outline to help me along with this essay. I am thinking and re-thinking about the title and thesis for this essay, wondering if I should change anything. It has been awhile since my last English class to this one, so I am a little rusty on writing a well written essay. I am nervous and willing to see this through.

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