Stop Offred!

In The Handmaid’s Tales, Offred is starting to have feeling for Commander. Offred is starting to have weird emotions, and the Commander take note of this to continue his advances. setting up for her downfall, awareness has decreased. From an earlier discussion, the topics where people discussion Offred is paying close attention to her senses, surroundings, and memories to maintaining her sanity, where she devalues her body to be like machine. This changing point because she considering herself to be more than machine for breeding. The Commander is like fueling Offred with false strength because authority is with the wives of Commander. This could lead Offred into being send to colonies.

Offred is starting to have feelings for her Commander, or Commander is eyeing at her for a chance. She describes her emotion to him “I felt shy of him.” (Atwood, 160) this shy for emotion is dangerous because she considering having emotions for the Commander who basically consider her a breeding machine. Then Commander is enjoying it “He reached his hand up as if to touch my face; I moved my head to the side to warn him away, hoping Serna Joy hadn’t noticed, and he withdrew his hand again,” he eyeing for Offred, and Offred was lucky if Serna Joy saw that Offred would be in trouble given that she just mistress and Serna Joy is the wife. The Commander taking note of Offred’s behavior to prepare advances at Offred, but this will endanger Offred if Serna Joy discover it.

Offred is now consider herself more of woman and stronger person, but she tries forget that she just like machine which can lead to her downfall. Offred feel like stronger woman because “To him I’m not just a boat with no cargo, a chalice with no wine in it, an oven – to be crude – minus the bun. To him I am not merely empty.” (Atwood, 163) It nice that Offred considering more of herself than a tool, but she isn’t in position of power. The Commander’s wives have the power “He wouldn’t be able to intervene, to save me; the transgressions of women in the household, whether Martha or Handmaid, are supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Wives.” (162), and the wives can remove Offred if they discover that she been having that relationship with the Commander. She knows this but take pleasure in the fact “Also: I now had power over her, of a kind, although she didn’t know it.” (162) Offred is starting to be delusion thinking she has power when she just mistress. This can lead into drama, where wives we remove her from this house, and Offred may end up in the colonies if this keep up.

Offred is being casually with Commander given her position, she must not forget that she is just breeding machine or this can lead into a dangerous situation where Offred can get send to colonies and endanger her child. Offred described the wife to be malicious and vengeful woman, this something if Offred knows, she should avoid any dangerous activities.

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