Sheppards: “It’s for your own good. Do as we say” Cattle: “Yes, sir”

The story is now starting to give me a good idea as to what kind of society The story takes place in. And from what i can tell. This place seems to be no different than any other “pure religious” society or dictatorship. The main difference being is the fact that women are considered cattle. Cattle to be bread, grown, wed, over and over and over again. It’s the kind of society where it is common belief that the cattle known as women should be happy because of the fact that they are considered safe from the troubles that reality would throw at them. You know, now that i think about it. In this society. Woman are considered too frail to handle to Their environment on their own. Which is why they are constantly guided to act, speak and even think in specific ways. It’s extremely condescending. A group of people being treated as unthinking animals that have to be forced to live in a specific way for their own good. This society seems to think that they know what’s best for the woman who live in it while also completely missing the point of what they think when it comes to their own personal purpose in life. The worst part (in my opinion) is how most of the woman just accept such a change. I mean, don’t get me wrong, i understand why they did it. They have to follow regardless of what they personally think because of the heavy and deadly opposition they would likely be met with if they were to resist. The doctors who are are being retroactively punished for performing abortion and the 3 men who were hanged for committing homosexual acts are proof of this. And knowing that this is becoming the norm is what really truly hurts me. Offred having her child taken away from her because the authorities thought that she was for some reason “unfit” to care a child which, somewhat sounds like a group of people forcing their own ideologies of how things are supposed to be on to others. And not being able to do anything about it Is the most frustrating thing about these sorts of societies. In current day U.S. We’re able to speak our minds, fight out against perceived injustices and live lives in ways that we see fit but, in a society during the Gilead era, that sort of personal freedom is stifled completely. And the reasoning for it is to create a peaceful and wholesome which is where the problem inherently lies. This society is being run off of the ideology of a specific group of people. And that group is the Republic of Gilead. Honestly my stance on this sort of world stands completely and utterly against its values. You can’t just create a society under one specific ideology and force everyone else to go with it as if your perspective Is supposed to be in the definitive right over anyone else’s. It’s that sort of hubris that honestly not only annoys me right down to the core but also has me wanting to tear these kinds of societies down straight to its very foundation. A city built on one groups ideologies is not a society for the people at all. It’s just a world that only groups like The Gilead’s can feel happy and safe in. And their perspective, like many others like them (like communist leaders/dictators for example) Seem to be justified by the craziest and downright one sided reasons. Reasons such as religion, birthright rulings, deluded sense of perceived knowledge or intelligence, etc. It’s just not fair to see these kinds of societies exist. It’s because of this society that offred is basically reduced to an animal that needs to be cared for guided and ultimately controlled. It’s because of this society that she has lost her husband, her child and later her very own freedom. So now, as i see it. This story can go in one of two ways. There can either be an insurrection led by the oppressed to overthrow their current rulers then later create a society in their own image or, everyone slowly grow more and more complacent to the point where they end up completely accepting their current predicament. I honestly hope that the second route doesn’t come to pass. But, if the first major coup d’etat doesn’t happen before the next two generation of children are born and grown to later replace the first generation Gilead age citizens then all hope will likely be lost. The kids that grow in this age be it boy or girl will recognize their current world as the norm and any chance of resisting will later die with the first generation’s natural passing. It’s the natural circle of mindless cattle. You raise them, teach them, guide them, bread them then repeat with the newer generation.

P.S: There really isn’t much of a thesis to this response. Just my opinion of the society and nothing else

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