Set Yourself Free

Yellow Wallpaper is a story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman talking about a woman that goes insane due to being locked up in a room with no outside communication but her husband and a nurse. Let me explain, the narrator and her husband had a child and through this the narrator becomes depressed. Her husband then takes her to the countryside to give her “rescare” as there house gets fixed which is more like trapping her. The narrator is forbidden to do most things like writing which calms her, so instead of listening she writes in secret as the nurse leaves and the husband goes away for work. As time passes by she begins to notice strange things behind her yellow wallpaper looking like face or faces even looking like a trapped person trying to be freed. The narrator then rips down the wallpaper revealing not a women but nothing at all shortly going mad shortly after. Not noticing the wallpaper was personified to be her.

This story itself is a giant symbol of oppression  that men had over women and the way women were meant to act. This story show how the evolution of women becoming independent and gain their own rights. The women behind the wall paper was the the narrator, it was her inner self begging to be free once again and not trapped and the narrator goes mad not fulfilling her inner self’s needs. This story was a crazy one where the narrator gets trapped and not strong enough to truly free herself.

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