Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident


In the begin of the book “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel, the story start off about a famous actor named “Arthur Leander” playing as King Lear, the star main actor in play King Lear. During the play, Arthur Leander had a heart attack which no one knew because everyone thought it was an act for the play, but “Jevvan Chaudhary” another character in story caught wind of the situation tries to help the actor having a heart attack. Ultimately, it was too late for Arthur Leander, which lead to his death on stage while playing role he always wanted. The story continues following “Jevvan Chaudhary” and others character that had minor interaction with one another or people that know each other.
In the story, there was epidemic with the Georgia Flu, so the title “Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident” it referred to game incident in “World of Warcraft” where an online game bug turn into a perfect example of what the human population would do if the world had epidemic. What caused this incident was players discovering that a game ability known as corrupted blood from a game boss named Hakkar the Soulflayer’s debuff can be bought outside the raid with use of players’ pets. A “debuff” is gamer term for something you don’t want on you because it opposite of benefit. The corrupted blood debuff spread in manner if you’re next to another player with the debuff you get infected and you will die few seconds later or if you manage get rid of it. Thus, it started with players and NPCs (non-player characters) dying out of nowhere because players bring back their pets with this debuff into major cities where many players’ lounge all day, and people bought those pets did with intention.
When looking at the epidemic part of story for “Station Eleven” I felt like if I was to take the role of Jevvan Chaudhary in the story I would be taking Hua’s words “you have to get out of the city (pg. 19)” because that smart thing to do. During the Corrupted Blood Incident, most players were either relocated to Westfall or Duskwood to avoid the corrupted blood, where barely any players go to for reasons not worth mentioning. Now going back to story with Hua, I think leaving city is a smart move because where there is bare any people is safe because your chance of getting Georgia Flu is reduced. That is what players did during that incident because going to Duskwood or Westfall meant you be safe because those areas were like countryside in the game. Going back to characters in bar drinking in honor of Arthur Leander “Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest. He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.” The bartender must have caught the Georgia Flu and died before leaving the city and dying. This what is ideal thing to do when epidemic occurs escape to outskirt of the city, and maybe bring one person you can trust. This show that corrupted blood incident was good example of what population would do if epidemic would occur even most this story take example from that study because bartender try escape the city and Hua’s warning “you have to get out of the city” was the right action to take.

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