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I do not even know how to start my response for this short passage when it comes to behaving like a girl, or behaving like a lady. Society has put so much pressure on women. That is by how we as women should dress, how to speak, how to act, how to walk, how to do everything. In a way I understand why it is important to act and do all of these things a certain way, since it all comes down to finding the right man at the end of the road who respects you and does not waste your time and of course one that does not end up being a wife beater. This passage brings out mixed emotions because women are human, just like men. We all have separate opinions and dreams, just like men do. The idea of  a woman doing EVERYTHING so when the husband comes home they find the food ready and everything else spotless is something that i do not like. I understand that it is important but times have also changed.  Women also go to work. Women want to be independent and also have a life that is not just only clean and wait for their husband to get back from work. In another way, it is important to know how to sow, how to cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, because after all we raise the children who become the future. After we are gone, it is our children who remain in this earth with the example that we have provided for them. It is our responsibility to show them the right path so that they do not suffer or struggle later on in life. It is also important for a woman to give herself some respect and have some dignity not for other people, we should not care what others say, but for herself and her well being and happiness. People will always talk no matter what. By this age I have learned that no matter what you do people will always find a reason to talk about you. Because those are the girls that our mothers tell  us not to become. Then again we do not always have the best example when growing up. Like for me growing up, I saw how a woman gets heavily criticized, for doing the same thing a man does. Like what happened to the whole gender equality or treating each other as equals? Of course there will always be exemptions to subjects like these when it comes to women behaving like ladies. I am not enforcing women behaving like some uncontrolled girls nowadays, i cannot say the word but we all know what they are called. I guess it all depends on how a girl is raised. How she speaks and how she dresses are things that will always change. Every few years these things change, and honestly it has become harder and harder to find a simple girl who does not act like a man and curses like a sailor. A genuine girl who wants to find a nice guy (because those are also hard to find nowadays) to just settle down with.

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  1. Daniel

    Hi Blanca,
    Yes you are very right. It is harder to be a woman than a man. Society has double standards with regards to women…… “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man”….I think that we all need to be true to ourselves before we can be true to others.


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