Reading Response #1

The short story “Puertoricannes” by Aurora Levins Morales describes the struggle that most immigrants face. Do you assimilate totally to the American culture or do try to keep the culture from the place you were born. The narrator faced this problem, she refused to speak spanish in preschool as she was trying to assimilate totally to America.  As she got older she realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of and started even  talking with a Puerto Rican accent.  She was able to mix the American culture and the Puerto Rican something that all the immigrants who moved her managed to do.

This story has great meaning today with what is happening in communities across America. People are trying to assimilate to American way  and leaving behind the culture that they grew up and everything they know. Yet this is the opposite of what the American culture is all about all you have to do is look inside the schools you go to. You have people who are white, black, asian, hispanic and etc. We all are able to learn from each other and takes things away from all these different cultures and use it in our everyday life.

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