Panic or Stay Calm…Past or Future

People are dying left to right in the novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Part 2 shows the people in sheer panic and jump to any conclusion to calm the blow. One example of this is in (47) where a traveling band leaves behind two members behind because one of them (Charlie) was pregnant. As the band came back around to the city they notice their crew members are gone and a cult rises up control by their “prophet”. This example shows people at their all time low where they accept anything to explain the unknown or unwanted facts that go against their traditional thinking.

Part 3 clarified the past of Arthur which was missing in part 1. Part 3 goes on about Arthur who takes or multiple small time roles which eventually leads him to Hollywood where he meets an artist who is writing a novel called Station Eleven. Arthur and the artist eventually get together but he ends up having an affair. To be honest i like back stories more due that they give more depth to the character intended.

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