Open the gate for happiness

We seem to write everyday. You text others on your mobile devices, you write a letter to your family when you are on a trip, you write a blogging post on Facebook or Twitter, these all can be considered as a type of writings. If you are going to ask me about the reason why I write, my answer will be for happiness. Everyone may have a bad time in the daily life, sometimes they may try to find someone and complain about it, but fact is that in order to deliver your story  clearly, you may use a lot of descriptive words in it but no one would always like to listen to you with patient, but your pen you use for writing doesn’t. You can have you pen to work with you like always and express all the thoughts vividly with the descriptive language you use, there will be a chance people feel interested in your works and try to understand what you try to deliver to them. And more importantly, you may develop a better mood after.

Writing can make you feel happy, it’s not without a reason. There might be things in the world you couldn’t change, such as bad weather, heavy traffic, people’s misunderstandings, you feel bad about this and cannot complain these through your mouth, you might be choose to write instead at this moment. As the words flow under the nib of your pen, all things seem to be controllable and were stated out clearly on the paper. At this time, you will use a different attitude to judge these things. The paper will always be patient and record your thinking. You can just take your time and do your critical thinking. This is also the right timing for you to develop your own thoughts for this case. After you will definitely feel satisfied for the results.

Beside helping you to build your own thinking, writing can also be a good tool for you to communicate with others. Many people thought writing was just the way to record your own thinking, but that was not true, writing can also be the bridge to connect you and others. I still remember that writing used to be my good tool to keep in touch with my friends and my teachers when I was studying in high school. As an immigrant without any English background, I often feel frustrated for not able to talk to people here and understand what was told in class. At that time, my sister suggested me to write to my friends and teachers and talk a little with them about it, then I started my time of writing. A month later, I realized that writing was such an amazing thing to do when you get bored and have no one to listen to you. As you know, when you try to talk to someone, in order to deliver your own thoughts to them, you have to construct your words wisely and clearly in order to deliver you message to them. However, you might not be a professional speaker, and you might mess it up on constructing your sentences because it’s impromptu. That was the things always happen to me. My teachers and my friends sometimes don’t understand what I said, the tool I used to solve this problem at the moment was writing. For example, I will send an email to my teachers in class, because there is no time limit, I can slowly construct my sentences with the use of descriptive language in order to state my thoughts clearly so the teachers can understand what I am trying to tell them. I am so happy that this is really working for me, I quickly build up the bridge with my teachers, they are happy to listen to me through the email and try their best to help me solving the problems I have, and I can keep on track in class again with the help of writings.

You never know how much writings can help you, not only building connections with others, but also can spread your thoughts widely. You can deliver your thought to several people by saying out through your mouth, but if you are a good writers, your writings can deliver your thoughts to thousands of people. Such as a french fiction writer named Jules Verne, he wrote many scientific novels which clearly expressed his ideas of some future products which inspired many people in the world at the old time. I still remember the things he stated in his work, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, all those advanced technology really surprised me and keep my curiosity on continue chasing his ideas on the future. Imagine if he just told the story verbally but without writing it down, there will be less people can hear his creative ideas now and we may not understand his ideas that well since changes are always occur when people try to transfer the data verbally.

Writing is like a opened gate to help you to explore yourself and the world. Sometimes I will write a little to record the best moments in my life. Every time I write, I feel like it’s another chance for me to rethink about the things I’ve done or what was actually happening in the world, I can write slowly and construct a proper structure, and then gently put my experiences and ideas in certain area of my writings. The writings make me think again and again as the time I write, and sometimes there will be some creative ideas coming up which I feel so happy about it. Writing really works for building your thoughts and help you to chase for happiness.

If you are asking me about a thing we can do to relax ourselves which cost less and we will be happy about it, I will tell you it’s writing without any hesitations. You write, you think, you can also deliver your thoughts to other people and your writing may bring small changes to the world we have for now. And all you need to achieve this goal is just a pen and a piece of paper, so why not writing?



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