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Where we were assigned to read in the Handmaid’s Tale becomes clear that the relationship between Offred and the commander is growing. I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the different scenarios of Offred and the Commander getting caught together by a worker or even worse the wife and all hell is let loose.  The relationship they have going on is a real dangerous one, since we saw how the wife expects the relationship between the three of them should be, “As for my husband, she said, he’s just that. My husband. I want that to be perfectly clear. Till death do us part. It’s final.” It’s clear that the wife doesn’t want and doesn’t expect any other relations to go between the handmaids and her husband, which we saw that she’s also included into the ceremony. If the relationship between the Commander and Offred becomes more intimate than it is, it can start a whole new problem in the house. I definitely didn’t see this coming, the relationship that has grown bigger from tradition to actually genuine emotions. We see that they made arrangements when Offred can visit the Commander on page 154. We see on page 155 when Offred is describing the first time her and the Commander arranged to see each other,”The first time, I was confused. His needs were obscure to me…there had been a letdown of sorts. What had I been expecting, behind that closed door…Something unspeakable, down on all fours perhaps, perversions, whips, mutilations?… To be asked to play Scrabble, instead, as if we were an old married couple, or two children, seemed kinky in the extreme, a violation in its own way.” The Commander doesn’t want a sex partner, he wants a friend. Offred and I as well was surprised at his requests because why risk the rules just to play Scrabble and converse with each other? In a situation like this, erotix sex wouldn’t be a surprise from the Commander, but i think it’s more deeper than this, more deeper than sex, he wants a companion, someone to just have conversations with and enjoy themselves. So far in the novel we don’t know much about the relationship between the Commander and the wife but stated on page 161 Offred says, “Partly I was jealous of her; but how could I be jealous of a woman so obviously dried- up and unhappy? You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself. Nevertheless I was jealous.” Is this a sign of Offred gaining feelings for Commander? She has a part of the Commander we don’t see while he is with the wife , what more could she want? Maybe to have her spot as the wife? This just reminded me about the housewife before Offred, what happened to her? Did the Commander have a ‘lowkey’ relationship wit her too and the wife found out?  Back on page 11 Offred gives us a snippet of a conversation between the Martha’s which stated, “Stillborn, it was…Stabbed her with a knitting needle, right in the belly. Jealousy, it must have been, eating her up..” Could they have been talking about the handmaid before Offred? Will the wife find out about Offred and the Commander secret relationship? If she does will she kill her?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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  1. Daniel

    “The Commander doesn’t want a sex partner, he wants a friend….but i think it’s more deeper than this, more deeper than sex, he wants a companion, someone to just have conversations with and enjoy themselves.”

    Exactly right!…Gilead is “oppressive” for the Commander as it is oppressive for Offred. In Offred’s case the risks are greater and clearer.His endangerment of Offred shows his inability to se her as a person. He knows that the last mistress (who copied “nolite te bastardes carborundorum” from a book in his office) did herself in. So why take that risk again at somebody else’s expense?


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