Nov. 30 Class Notes

Handmaids tale discussion sheet continued.

Class impressions on the handmaids tale :

  • Bad for it’s unanswered questions yet great to some to leave imagination conclude the story
  • U:nexpected/Jarring for its dehumanized content in the historical notes.

Symposium – Academic conference.


  • Tues 12/19 is now the last day of class
  • Watching the series is not required just work on Essay 2 and re-read historical notes.
  • Bring back essay 1 on Tues 12/05
  • Extra credit due on 12/06; SF symposium + blog.

One thought on “Nov. 30 Class Notes

  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks for posting these notes Chris, but they are missing most of what was covered / discussed in class (in relation to the novel, the essays, etc.). Can you revise so other classmates can benefit? Thanks.


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