Feeling as an immigrant

The article “Puertoricanness” written by Aurora Levins Morales tells a story of  the immigrant from Puerto Rico who is living in Chicago right now. In the beginning of article, the narrator created an image from the protagonist’s head which was a rooster wakes up people living on 59th street at 6:00 A.M., and everyone cursed at the rooster, and here the author used Metaphor and described the little town as a chopped corn and being ruined by the rooster. However, she still likes it because it was included as a part of emotion to her hometown, she just miss her hometown very much.

When she was first living in Chicago, she was always trying to hide her true identity and her accent. As an immigrant, she refused to speak Spanish in the nursery school. She missed her life back in her hometown, Puerto Rico. Here is extract what I do when I first came to United States as an immigrant couple years ago, I refused to speak Chinese in class because I don’t want to be treated different in class. I tried to hide my accent but unfortunately I have nothing on the English background and I was not able to hide it well.

Later in the story, the protagonist also could not keep her accent under lock and key, too. Every word she was trying to hide such as dyslexia, stuttering and halting slips out as the wrong language. After the narrator use three question in the continuous way to express how embarrassed the protagonist is feeling at that moment.

Finally she realized things about herself, the things she was trying to hide from others as a Puertoricanness for all these years had already shaped her in her habits, such as idiosyncrasies of her nature. She could just be herself and lived in this new home for herself. She found that there was no need to hide herself anymore. So now she yearned for the clocklessness, looking back into her childhood and her food she enjoyed in the poorest house.

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