My Ending

Station Eleven By Emily St. John Mandel

Parts 7 through 9

This is it, this is the end of our beloved book and I have become too attached to such a great book that I just simply cannot let go. 

The final chapters in this book gave me an insight as to what Arthur Leander was thinking in his final days. I have to say that I just did not like him from the beginning, how he treated the women he was with. I may have been a bit harsh with his character. Like I mentioned in my last post, he did get what he deserved. He left Miranda for Elizabeth, and He left Elizabeth for Lydia, until Lydia broke that cycle and left him for another man. Three words said by Miranda, “I repent nothing”(107) that stuck with Arthur for the rest of his life. “He found he was a man who repented almost everything, regrets crowding in around him like moths to a light.”(327) Arthur did things that he was not proud of, he hurt people in the process, and all for his success or for his desires. In a way, I think that our author here, Emily St. John Mandel wanted to show us a part of Author that was hidden. The fact that he lived with his guilt on his shoulders. He repented all the wrong he did and how he did it. This shows us how he felt in his last few moments before his death. He missed his son, who by the way turned up to be the Prophet, with some sick mind. The author wanted to show us that Arthur had a soft heart after all. A young guy who started out in a small island, a person who just wanted to travel, to feel free and who also wanted fame. That is coming for a  young one’s mind, but of course you cannot have fame without paying some sort of price for it. As he grew up, matured, and got wiser, he did not want to be remembered for the man that had three ex-wives and was very famous and did plays and movies, he wanted to be remembered as the man who gave his money away for better things.”Wasn’t this what money was for? This was what his life was going to mean, finally after all these years of failing to win Oscars, this string of box-office flops. He would be known as the man who gave his fortune away.”(322). I hate to think of it, but maybe like charity work, It is just that Tanya did not see it like that. Our author gave Arthur some happy final moments, doing what he loved and did best, act.

Tyler, Arthur’s only son survived the collapse, but he took a wrong turn. Something happened to him, something internally, mentally and emotionally and I believe that the author wanted to keep this a mystery. How could a young boy very sweet become a corrupted man who wants to bed 12 year old girls to repopulate the earth? In the end I was glad that he was shot and that it was all done with. I wonder what happened to Elizabeth, did our Prophet kill her? Could a son kill his own mother? Did she get sick and die? We will never know.

And what about Miranda, She had the most troublesome death yet the most peaceful one on a beach in Malaysia. “Exhaustion. She was desperately hot, then wracked with chills. Her thoughts were disordered.  No one came.”(227). Of course it was something that spread around way too fast and before she knew it, it was too late. She just could not escape.

I would like to say that the author did a great job with the story line and the plot that captured everyone’s attention. This was a great book and I will totally read again some other time. I do wish that there was a second part to this just because I want to know where the Symphony ends up and if Kirsten ever finds this place with electricity. 

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