Moira’s Greatness

In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, Moira is an amazing character, an example of a different type of woman when comparing to other women in the story.The first action of Moira being amazing character is the fact she took down an aunt, that no one in this story has done so far. Even Offred compare Moira to herself, and Offred felt she was lacking in every aspect.  Moira show she capable person in post-Gilead world. 

Before Moira attempted to escape the center, she had done one thing that no other character in story did before that is tie up Aunt Elizabeth. Moira told Offred that “I left that old hag Aunt Elizabeth tied up like a Christmas turkey behind the furnace.” (244) that is amazing the fact she uses her strength to take-down the aunt and then tie her up like Christmas turkey is enough to be amazing character. This example of strong woman.

When Offred compare herself to Moira, she feels lacking because she doesn’t have this greatness when looking at Moira’s actions to escape. Offred thoughts “I expect her to, with my idea of her courage, live through, act it out, when myself do not?” (249) Offred is questioning herself does she have the courage to live the way Moira did when she try to escape. Offred does want to be different when comparing to Moira “I don’t want her to be like. Given, go along, save her skin. That is what it comes down to. I want gallantry from her, swashbuckling, heroism, single-handed combat. Something I lack.” (249) According to Offred she doesn’t want to give in or save her skin meaning she doesn’t want just abandon her daughter or Luke just escape by herself like way Moira did, but she wants the courage that Moira displayed which she refers as heroism, gallantry, swashbuckling, single-handed combat. Offred does feel lacking comparing to Moira, but Offred doesn’t want to leave behind her daughter is only difference.

Moira is quite of a unique character to be in post-Gilead, she is capable. Before she left the center, the icing on the cake to tie Aunt Elizabeth like Christmas turkey was genius. Offred describe Moira had this courage that she lacked even going as far say it was heroism. Moira is a type of character that make this story feel alive from her action from trying to escape and her crazy actions.

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