Memories can be painful but, that does NOT mean that they should be forgotten.

Parts 4-6 seem to talk a lot about the past and the individuals who want to forget them but, sadly, isn’t as easy as many wished to be. Kirston for example is the main reason i started writing about such a topic. She tells Francois after he questions her about the reason for her knife tattoos that, the memory in of itself was too unpleasant to explain to him. She then tells Francois at the end of part 5 that some memories are better left lost or forgotten because the more you remember them, the more you lose. That line made me thing long and hard about what a harsh memory may mean to me and if it should really be considered the best course of action to just forget it all just because of the fact that it is painful. And, i have to say that i have to disagree wit h this statement completely and wholeheartedly.

Memories regardless of whether or not it’s good, bad or just an indifferent memory that makes you go “meh” should never be forgotten. memories on their own serve as a constant reminder of who you are and what you have experienced from your earliest memory to now. Painful memories to be a bit more specific are the ones that you should definitely try your hardest to not forget. The painful ones usually, serve as a snapshot of one of the most important experiences that you could have be it as a kid,as a teen or as an adult. Going out of your way to forget such important parts of your life is almost the same as casting off a part of your self. In my honest opinion. Casting away horrible, painful memories ( most of the time, mind you) is nothing short of cowardice. the unwillingness to remember nor face the unpleasant memory head on and acknowledge it for what it signifies isn’t something that i can agree with. Our past shapes who we are as people. I can understand Kirston’s point of view when it comes to painful memories. I can’t fathom the countless amount of harsh events she personally had to experience against her will. Experiences like losing her beloved family during the flue outbreak, losing symphony members via disease and other. I wont deny that living in a post apocalyptic world where order isn’t the norm and, unpleasant and downright painful events are about as common as seeing the sun rise and set but, those events shaped her into who she is today. And from what i can see, she seems to be a confident and strong young woman that has the know how to survive in her environment.

Now, i have to admit that I, have memories that i sometimes wish i could forget. Memories that can sometimes be painful for me to recollect. This is also true for many of us. Some of us have harbored way more unpleasant memories than others. But, if we were to look at these memories from a somewhat optimistic angle then, you can view many of these events as important turning points that have molded who we are as individuals. I guess what i’m trying to say is that, I nor any of us are perfect We all try to forget things and would rather leave them behind to later disappear, I myself am no different in this regard. So, I’m not here to speak for everyone when it comes to how memories should be determined as my view on what’s considered a bad memory is obviously enough different than others. Each and everyone of us have a somewhat different set of rules that we go by when it comes to to deciding whether a past event is either bad, good, meh etc. And for those who may think i’m bad mouthing and attacking specific individuals then, let me say this. I definitely don’t think that my view on the subject of memories will ultimately determine if i consider someone as morally good or bad. Everyone have different opinions when it comes to memories and what each one means to them. I do, however want to ask you, the reader something. Do you think it to be OK for someone to just forget or throw away a memory just because it’s painful? do you think it’s OK to just run away or avert your eyes from a memory that you personally don’t want to confront?. Kirston’s answer (If she were somehow reading this) would likely be “yes” but, i for one consider such an act as a betrayal to what her memories signifies. A horrible memory can help you learn about the world around you and help you better prepare yourself for the future. They’re a constant reminder that life isn’t always Jovial and fun with sunshine and lollipops being a blissful norm.

So, to put in succinctly, Memories regardless of good or bad, should not be forgotten. they signify the events that have molded you in to the person you are today. Throwing them away would be the same as throwing away a part of your very own identity. Kirsten of all people should know that the harsh events she went through made her stronger for it. And those memories serve as proof that her personality and ideals aren’t just things that she half assedly created.

One thought on “Memories can be painful but, that does NOT mean that they should be forgotten.

  1. Daniel

    Painful memories to be a bit more specific are the ones that you should definitly try your hardest to not forget.

    Yes!… if you can live with them, but what if they are overwhelming?

    Casting away horrible, painful memories ( most of the time, mind you) is nothing short of cowerdice. the unwinlingness to remember nor face the unplesent memory head on and acnkowledge it for what it signifies is equivilent to denying a part of your self.

    True!… but sometimes suppression of memories is a necessity for survival.


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