Lost in “heaven”

After reading the part IX and X of the book, “The Handmaid’s Tales”, I was a little surprised on the behavioral changes on Offred. After Offred has the body touching with the commander, she was starting to get into the feeling of their relationship, even though the commander actually don’t understand a bit of the handmaid’s burdens and he was just enjoying the sexual activity with Offred or the handmaids were just treated as animals or slaves. However, she just don’t mind about that, she was enjoying their secret relationship and keep the attention to the commander’s mistress, Serena. She had been lost in the joy and forgotten the situation of humiliation.

In Offred’s memory of Nazi, by comparing the documentary about the Nazi guard and the situation of the commander and her. Even though they were both not purely evil, but for the commander, he did not understand even a little bit of the situation of Offred. He has never thought about how women’s skins get dry before. When he hears Offred said they use butter, he mused and laughed at it which made Offred want to slap him. All these seem the commander does not understand the humiliation of the handmaids or women living in Gilead and he just remember his responsibility for this country.

Before the creation of Gilead which was previous United States, what she remember was that all those women having jobs and people had to take those pieces of paper money when they go for shopping every time. During that period, more sexual liberation seemed to be there than what she is experiencing in Gilead now, which pornography and prostitution are acceptable. And she was not that regret of losing all these since the time she lost her job and her money, Luke promised her to take care of her instead. However, she did not thought about that they are still taking the blames and they are actually being ignorance at this moment.

The relationship between the commander and her seemed to be found out soon by Serena, but the commander did not care about it that much. The commander just put Offred’s position and her life into troubles to satisfy his desire for sexual activity. The commander’s selfish was totally expressed at this moment and the ignorance of Offred was showed as well. She failed to realize her real situation and she was actually still under the “protections” under the government, she had lost herself at this moment.

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