Live Life to it’s Fullest With no Regrets

If i have learned anything after reading the handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood is to live life to it’s fullest with no regrets. Offred is a character that has suffered through much ever since becoming a handmaid like losing Luke, being depraved of most things that women loved, and there is of course the ceremonies where she has to have sexual intercourse with a commander who is well passed his prime and having his wife in the room to make things even worse. Her whole life went from being free being anything she wanted to be to living with hopes that she gets pregnant so that they see usefulness in her. This is a world where breaking rules can equal death, finding other demeaning ways of being used like how they did with Moira or being sent out to the Colonies where people live like gutter rats for the most parts, this may equal death as well. Although Offred had to live as a handmaid where constant rules are being forced upon her she finds ways to break rules and is always taking much delight while breaking these rules. “You expect me to put that on? I say. I know my voice sounds prudish, disapproving. Still there is something attractive in the idea” (Atwood, 230). What Offred is referring to is an outfit that is revealing with feathers i guess you all have an idea, point is this is the type of things that are supposed to be banned but are sold in the black market probably and the Commander has one for her to put on. This is illegal yet as she says there is something attractive in the idea. This goes with her feelings about breaking rules in the past. Sometimes breaking rules can give a person a feeling of power and Offred is a character that loves feeling powerful.

Offred has broken so many rules while being a handmaid, but her latest crime was her ongoing affairs with Nick. The “no strings attached” type of relationship. The plan was to only use Nick to get pregnant because the Commander can’t seem to do it. “I would like to be without shame. I would like to be shameless. I would like to be ignorant. Then I would not know how ignorant I was.” (Atwood, 263). Offred feels shameful for the fact that she had to open her legs yet again to another man. This was illegal but it was planned by the Commanders wife so that Offred can get pregnant but all she could think about was how Serena thought how easy it is for Offred to open up and she even thought about Luke if she knew he was dead for sure would it make any difference. She wanted that ignorance and perhaps she got it because she kept going back to Nick without needing to. She yearned for it. Perhaps it was the breaking of the rules or maybe that she found somebody she can somewhat trust, who is not as old as the Commander that she can enjoy herself with. To that i say repent nothing and live on because you never know when your time might come. The story ended with her being ushered into a black van By Nick and MayDay. This meant that she got discovered and is going to die or that Nick is actually really there to help her. Either way Offred regretted a lot and I definitely do not want to become an Offred who only thinks about the mistakes from the past.

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