After reading through the story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas and having some time to think about it, it reflects the life that we all live in everyday on a daily basis. At first when I first read through the story it made me see Omales as a utopia since the narrator says “Joyous! How is one to tell about joy? How describe the citizens of Omales” (Gurin 1) giving us the view of how great Omales is and how it has everything that everyone desires from a Utopia. Throughout the first few  pages the narrator talks about how great Omales is and how everyone there is happy but as the story goes on it slowly gets darker the further it gets. The price that the people believe that needs to be paid for the city of Omales to flourish is that this child is to remain neglected and must suffer so that everyone else can live happily. By the story reaches the halfway point the narrator tells us about  a boy that is locked within a cellar where people send their kids to. What is left in the cellar left me somewhat surprised considering half the story was literally talking about how Omales was a Utopia and all that. What was in the cellar as the narrator mentioned “In one corner of the little room a couple of mops, with stiff, clotted, foul-smelling heads stand near a rusty bucket” (Gurin 4) which is already enough information for me to know that this place was pretty nasty. The narrator also talks about how the child looks like as mentioned in the story “It is feeble-minded. Perhaps it was born defective, or perhaps  it was born defective, or perhaps it became imbecile through fear, malnutrition, and neglect.” (Gurin 4). Much like how it is in life the child is the representation of how life is like on the other side of the coin for people, kids out there in third world countries who eat just as much or maybe even less than he is. There are people out in the world that are probably going through the same things as the child or maybe even worse thought society mostly turns a blind eye to it. The author mentions “They feel disgust, which they had thought themselves superior to. They felt anger, outrage, impotence, despite all the explanations. They would like to do something for the child. But there is nothing they can do” (Gurin 5). The story about Omales is a reflection of how life is in the world and how some people are actually living. There are many things in life just like how it is in the city of Omales like how some people are happy and living the life that they always wanted partying and celebrating , but just like the story about the city of Omales there is also the “darkness” that lies behind the facade that people see in life where there are people that are living a life that none would ever want to live. Behind the masks of the beautiful cities which is meant for attracting tourists is the people that live in poverty just like the child in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omales.

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