Just Who is the Prophet ?

The story of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel carries and gets more intense through parts 4 through 6. Starting with part 4 We are brought back to year twenty with Kirsten and the traveling Symphony who are now all anxious that their newly met enemy “The Prophet” might be tailing them. “The Symphony walked armed and on full alert, Olivia and Eleanor in the back of the lead caravan for safety.”(Mandel, 127). This is just a small hint that the traveling Symphony were not at ease, though in a 20 year old lawless civilization it makes sense to always be on your toes, still the matter of the fact is that The Prophet might be onto them because the Prophets future wife Eleanor had escaped St. Deborah by hiding in the caravan of Symphony without them noticing. To them it feels like they have a bullet with each of their names on it especially if the Prophet finds Eleanor with them. Although they might be scared or anxious they are still well prepared for the Prophet and his men because of the tactics they are using to keep eachother safe, though as we soon find out it may not be enough. When Symphony sleeps there are always people keeping watch, it was Kirsten and August turn to keep watch, Sayid and Dieter had went ahead to scout the area. As Kirsten and August were having a peaceful shift they heard something rather disturbing. ” There was a sound just then, a disturbance passing over the surface of the night as quickly as a stone dropped into water. A cry, cut off abruptly? Had someone called out”(Mandel, 135). Sayid and Dieter went missing without a single trace. “It was as though Dieter and Sayid had been plucked from the face of the earth”(Mandel, 136). Not only have two members of Symphony been abducted but they also left no trace, we then find out later that Olivia gets abducted as well. They are messing with what appears to be professionals.

The story takes a weird shift between an interview with Kirsten and what happened to jeevan within the first 2 months of The pandemic. We get some clues about the two knife tattoos Kirsten has during the interview with Francois. Francois asks Kirsten about the tattoo but she refuses to tell him about them “You know what tattoos like this mean.”(Mandel, 132). Much like how gang members tattoo tear drops on their face to signify how many people they have killed this could be the same thing. Kirsten is always carrying knives as though they were a preferred weapon so maybe she has killed two people for whatever reason. Maybe her skill with knives can help her out in the future.

Jeevan seemed to have left his brother behind though it would probably be the smartest move even though it sounds messed up. I cant imagine Jeevan trying to survive as he is pushing his brother on a wheelchair for two decades plus.

I wonder if in year 20 Clark and Elizabeth are still alive. By the end of Part 6 we get the revelation that the plane Clark and Elizabeth and her son boarded on to leave for Toronto had to make an emergency landing on Severn City Airport in Michigan. This was before the collapse and one of the last few flights to have been departed. This is stated to be where the Prophet had come from so i wonder if they are tied together somehow. Like what if Clark is the prophet ? Or maybe it the son of Arthur ? I think this brand new mystery will get solved in the next few parts.

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