Just Before The Storm

The Novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel from what the parts of this dystopian novel we are thrown into the world of Station Eleven and we first start off at a play where we are introduced to our first few characters. At the very first page there is a lot of foreshadowing used throughout the first few chapters that we read through, though it should be obvious whats going to happen next considering that we are reading a dystopian novel so we already know where this is going to go.

On the very first page we are already introduced to our first sign that shit is going to hit the fan.  Starting in the first chapter we are introduced to Arthur, an actor who is playing the role of King Lear in a play and mid way through the first page is where it begins. ” There was a change in his face, he stumbled, he reached for a column but misjudged the distance and struck it hard with the side of his hand.  “Down from the waist they are Centaur, ” he said, and not only was this the wrong line but the delivery was wheezy, his voice barely audible” (Mandel , 3). With the very first character we are introduced to he suffers a heart attack during the play with everyone watching as well as the child that was also a part of the play.

The next sign that we get is near the end of chapter two and what happens to the next batch of characters that we are introduced to for a brief moment . After the death of Arthur we are introduced to the producer and Goneril where the producer and Goneril talk about the people that Arthur knew to let them know of his passing where the give a toast to Arthur. by the end we learn of what happened to them in the line “Of all of them at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest” (Mandel, 15). Right after Arthur dies to a heart attack, these three characters die soon after which alone is enough of a sign to let us know that things are going to get worse where we can only assume that they were killed by something that they could’ve caught at the play.

In chapter three we are introduced to Jeevan’s close friend Hua who is a doctor at Toronto General, Jeevan who was giving CPR to Arthur while he was on stage and the storm that has already struck. In chapter three Jeevan and Hua are on their phone talking about the flu that was recently introduced in the phone call that Jeevan has with Hua which quickly escalates. As for how serious the discussion was ” We’ve admitted over two hundred flu patients since the morning. A hundred and sixty in the past three hours. Fifteen of them have died. The ER’s full of new cases. We’ve got beds parked in the hallways. Health Canada’s about to make an announcement” (Mandel 18). The author is literally tells you that there is a epidemic that is spreading and knowing how the story has been going so far we can pretty much assume that its going to spread throughout the world just off how many characters have died off already.

By the end of chapter six we learn that everything has pretty much shut down as told in the story “No more Internet. No more social media, no more scrolling through litanies of dreams and nervous hopes, etc” (Mandel 32). Having read through the first part of Station Eleven, it reminds me of the movie I watched back in my Health class in Highschool called Contagion where a pandemic has spread throughout the entire world and people around the world are dying. It makes me wonder if people would go into a state where they just fend for themselves or help each other out when their life is on the line.

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