jumping in time- fleshing out a plot device

The time jumps started in the second and third parts of Station Eleven  by Emily Mandel  is an effort to compare the past and future of the story.  Now this seams a bit strange to say automatically as there are other reasons for time jumps in texts, some general and others a lot more genera specific.  The reason that I believe that the jumps are to compare the past and the future in the story is because there is the comic that first shows up on page 42 and is repeatedly mentioned and created in part 3, the Dr. Eleven comics.  On the previously mentioned page it refers to a dog in the comic that Kirsten, the character that owns the comics, does not recognize as a dog.  Later when the creation of the comic is shown it is revealed that the dog in the comic is a near replica for the creators dog(100).  While this is easily explained by the twenty years passing after the flu outbreak and toy dog breads dying out, it shows an piece of life that is taken for granted so much in one time it’s added without a thought while in a later time it is seen as strange and supernatural.

Another interesting thing about the time jumping in the third part is that it develops the plot device of the comics beyond the mere macguffin that it was in the second part.  If someone asked me what the point of the comic was had I not read the third chapter I would have said it was just a macguffin to explain Kirsten’s research into Arthur Leander.  The important thing about this conclusion is that in the second part the comics could have been anything; with the explanation of the creation of the comics we can start to think about the difference  between the creator of the comic and the reader of the comic, and how this comparison shows how life after an apocalypse is without having to describe it to the smallest detail.

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