Ita Flores Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Ita Flores. I’m an artist and I’ve lived in New York all my life. I work as an assistant teaching artist in Downtown Manhattan. I love music, art, reading, and politics. Over the summer I went to a few music events, museums, art shows, and the movie theaters. I enjoy exploring and walking around New York. By winter break, I plan on having a completed demo of a video game I’m in the process of making.

a picture from my trip to the MET

My strength as a writer would be that I have many opinions on several topics and my weakness would be that I have trouble explaining what I mean concisely. I enjoy reading, a strength I have would be that I can read quickly and understand texts well enough to discuss them, a weakness is that when I find a text uninteresting, long passages become  harder to parse for me. As a thinker, my strengths are that I read a lot about many topics and that I have many thoughts and opinions on them, I am very interested in philosophy and I tend to question many things in my day to day life. I think what I dislike the most about reading and writing is that they require the time in order to be truly immersed with them. I enjoy that writing gives me the space put my thoughts down on paper and see them more mapped out. Reading provides a place where I can think about hypotheticals in way that feels more real and closer to me.

I have a no experience with OpenLab, but I am well versed with technology online.

My favorite genres include, fiction (political, fantasy, and science) , drama, and magical realism. I also read short stories. I don’t think I have an all-time favorite text, but recently my favorites are, the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy by Kevin Kwan, Demian by Hermann Hesse, and the short story, Folding Beijing by Hao Jinfang.

I think fiction is a genre in literature that can be used to tell stories that can range from realistic history to wildly imaginative dramas. Fiction gives us the opportunity as a society to be thoughtful and creative. I plan on working within the vein of art in the future and learning about how our world operates is huge part of being an artist, literature, fiction specifically, is another medium through which we can communicate. I hope to learn all that I can this semester, especially, learning about the current state of the world through works of literature.

Thank you for reading!

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