English 2001 Intro to Literature

Hello Peoples, My name is Sha-Kina. I am a senior at city tech and I am majoring in Human services. I have chosen this major because I thought that I would like it more than computers, I was wrong. I have an associates in CIS at BMCC and after I graduate from City tech I am going to take online courses in computer programming. What my hobbies are? Well I like knitting, fixing up my old computers (with the help of google and YouTube ), I love playing video games ( I suck at that). I love to read manga and the website Webtoons is my heartbeat. I love anime my favorite is Black Butler and 91Days. I am currently watching Code Geass and a TV show called American Horror Story (not anime).

I am a CA at City Tech. I work in both the Library and at the Evening office. Both are fun places to be. I enjoy doing my job but I am planning on leaving one of them as soon as I graduate. Which one, I don’t know yet. For the summer break I mostly slept, watched anime, eat, and played video games. I did however, went to this event called Blerd Con. which is a Black Nerds convention  and it is for all the Blacks nerds who love anime and cosplay. It was held in Arlington VA.  It was the first year that they held this event.It was fun to see all sorts of  people of color coming together with their children all dressed in cosplay. There were other races there as well, but it was nice see people of color who are interested in comics, anime and video gaming. The MAG fest was there too. It is a gaming convention company. So, in addition, to cosplay one had the choice to play games from the arcade of 1980’s up to the PlayStation 4 of the 2017.  Sorry that I don’t have any pictures to show because it is on my phone and not on my computer, but I will soon post them up I promise. I have nothing plan for upcoming Winter break.

Now I guess I will talk about writing, reading and thinking, I love reading things that appeal to me, I guess that goes for everyone 🙂 I use to have a love for writing, but as a kid I was never pushed in to it and as I got older life became more about facts than fantasy so writing went out the window and working and school came in. I am trying to rekindle my love for it. I recently read a book by Octavia Butler called Fledgling which is about black vampires. I loved it.  I loved it because I don’t know of any books that put African Americans in a domineering fantasy world without it making us slaves or some spiritual reader. It was nice to see us as vampires. I want to see more of that so like Octavia said “I wanted to write what I wanted to read” or something like that. I want to see more stories with African America influences that are based on Vampires, werewolves, Kings, aliens, and stuff like that without the usual stereotypical views that get thrown in about us. What I dislike about writing is the time and thought process and all of the corrective grammar that comes with it. My favorite genre of literature is Horror, murder, and some fantasies, but mostly horror. I do have an open mind about books so I do dab into comedies and nonfiction books.

My sense of literature fiction is that it is a form of story telling that can put you in the place that the author conjured up in his mind. You go through everything the author want you to. You feel what he tells you to feel, hear and see what he want you to see and hear  and be sad that at the end of the book, the ride is over, till another one of his books come out.  I hope that this class can make me a better story teller. At first, I want to say writer but I want to be a story teller. I want to know how to correctly put thoughts and words together on a piece of paper and make that thought become real to the person reading it. In my Human Service major we are taught how to write about facts. We cannot make up things or truly express ourselves without risking the life of others. I have no problem of doing that for work.

However, I want to learn everything that this class can teach me about critical thinking and Literature. It is the only way to improve my love for writing and help me with story telling and spelling because I am not good at spelling.



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