Hello everyone! My name is Taisha Rivera but, I prefer to be called Ty (pronounced tie). This is my second year at City Tech and I am currently studying to become a Radiologist. I’m a huge reader but, I do not just read anything, I’m super picky with the books/short stories that I choose to read. I’ll love any book that sucks me in just at the beginning of the story, I believe that’s one of the best things about reading, getting lost within the book until you realize how far along you’ve gone without taking a break from reading.  I enjoy traveling, road trips and especially long drives accompanied with good music and good people. I also enjoy being surrounded by nature, although I’ve lived in the city my whole life, I hope to one day leave the state and be surrounded by fresh air, all the time!! One interesting fact about me is that I’m a crazy cat lady. I love all animals but, I’ve always been a cat mom♥. My weakness in English classes have always been speaking out loud in front of a class, I’m beyond timid when it comes to sharing my comments or answers. I’m also not great at writing papers when it comes to a topic that does not interest me. I would still try my best but, if I’m given a topic that catches my eye, I can write an awesome essay! My strength in English is that I enjoy reading, I’m very good at analyzing and annotating. I look forward to seeing how this class helps me grow as a writer.

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