Hello everyone, it is a pleasure. I go by the name of Timothy Rivera as some may already know. Things that interest me will be traveling, spending time with my family, and most importantly the ability to continue advancing academically. There are currently no specifics with regards to my major. However, I would like to be somewhere in the field of psychology. Over the summer I took time to visit loved ones located in VA, FL, & GA. As a writer, it is a bit complex for me to prevent run-on sentencesĀ and the selection of words I choose to convey certainĀ ideas. However, I have an advantage finding hidden messages within a story based on literary devices, and punctuations. One thing I enjoy most about writing is being able to throw all my ideasĀ on a paper and structure it accordingly. One thing I enjoy about reading is finding hidden ideas and messages that the narrator hides and expects the reader to skip by as though there isn’t any significance within those hidden points, and using that to find the main idea. I enjoy critical thinking because it helps me think outside the box and come up with better and more effective ideas.If it weren’t for Professor Belli I would have no experience what so ever with OpenLab. As of right now, I only know how to post statuses and post comments. My sense of literature is being creative and having fun with writing in a way that a lot of imagery is revealed. From this course, I expect to be able to be more creative with my writing and for my writing to be more structured or in order. I hope this is enough to give you guys a glimpse of who I am overall. Good luck to everyone in this course and may you get the best outcome!

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