Hi everyone I know I’m really late with this but anyways my name is Charie Ramirez and this is my first year in college. I am doing Construction Management as my major and plan to join the work force in my field and enjoy the site of a building project being made as I supervise. My hobbies are playing games and eating new foods, which I did over the Summer as well as getting my first job (HomeGoods) and as Winter approches I plan to work and play more and new games.

My strengths in writing that I can get my point through easier than others but it can also be my weakness in longer writings. As a reader I don’t really have any strengths but my weaknesses are that I get nervous reading infront of people so i tend to freeze. a
As a thinker I love to think about randoms ideas and topics mainly whatevers pops up in my head but I tend to over think wbich distracts me from my main task. I have no background in openlab and mystery is my favorie genre. I do not have a favorite text, do that I really don’t read alot. This coruse connects to my major by giving me my engish credit and I also expect to get better at writing and reading due that in school those topics are usually my weak points.


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